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Free Meditation to Support the Collective to Return to Balance Post Elections

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We were guided to record this meditation to support post elections, for Americans and all beings who are vested in the election outcomes emotionally and mentally. The meditation primarily invoked the following dispensations:

  • Greater levels of peace from the Elohim Council of Peace
  • Christ light and love from Christ and Sophia, and acceptance of any election outcome through love, compassion, and wisdom 
  • Emerald Ray of Harmony and Healing for the Planet from the Ashram of 5th Ray, Lord Hilarion and Archangel Raphael
  • Grids of Consciousness, Grids of Truth and Faith Dispensations from Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith
  • Expansion of the New Lemuria New Earth frequencies 
  • Holy Mother and Celestial Mother's Sounds of Love and Cocoon of Love

Calling on all light workers, starseeds and conscious souls to hold the love and light for all beings during this time of instability and transition. There has been heightened emotions and mental anxiety leading to the elections, around the delayed election results and uncertainty around the outcomes as it will be contested. The veils are also especially thin at this time and it creates for the ego to react, which further exacerbates the collective psyche to experience fear and feel polarised.

Let us all amplify the peace, harmony, love and light for all beings through coming together with the same intentions, free of any expectations for the outcome and in acceptance that all is unfolding per the divine plan. The free recording can be accessed through here, and we would encourage you to read the description of the dispensations that are coming through this transmission prior to the meditation. The free recording can be accessed through here.

Thank you for your participation and co-creation, thank you for your participation and co-creation, blessed be, blessed be all beings, blessed be the Earth. 💗

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