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    Awaken to your magnificence and come into the one heart with Yvonne Yjemani Li

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    Awaken to your magnificence and come into the One Heart

    In the private sessions, Yjemani shares and channels from her God Presence and her Enlightened Guides - healing, activations, integrations, transmissions, guidance and mentoring. Sessions with Yjemani are powerful and effective, as it shifts the core of the issue and activate your divine potential as a vast spiritual being. Private sessions include Divine Communion, Universal Healing, and Empowerment Mentoring, they are facilitated in the One Heart in collaboration with your Higher Self, Presence and your Enlightened Guides.

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    Discover the vastness and infinite nature within you

    Yjemani regularly facilitates meditations, sacred sounds, workshops and other programs in-person or globally online, refer to upcoming events via the Recent or Future Events. Past programs and meditations can be accessed as recordings, while free meditation recordings can be accessed through the Gifts of Love section. Yjemani is involved in various sacred missions and invite all who resonate to co-create the New Earth in the One Heart or New Earth Vision Meditations or the Light Transformations Ceremonies.

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    Illuminating the path towards self-mastery, consciousness, oneness and Presence

    There are sharings on self-mastery approaches, consciousness, and oneness in the form of short and longer written blog pieces. At times, Yjemani also shares about her mission work and currently invites all who resonate to participate in the global activation of Violet Flame Pillars. At times, Yjemani may also share channeled messages from the Enlightened Masters. She also shares her artwork through creations.

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    Our sharing on how to face these unique times

    Liberation from Family Karma

    Love, acceptance, and commitment to mastery are necessary in order to liberate your Soul from any family karma. We share some of our heartfelt insights on this, blessings be to you and your family.

    Love in the Time of Corona

    Love and connection is the shared experience that we can all have despite the physical isolation of Coronavirus.

    Unmasking & Coming Back to Love

    We are going to take our mask off, as well as explore the deeper meanings of wearing a mask. By un-masking, we can finally shine our light and live in true authenticity.

    What is Truth? How do we stay above the influences from media, social media, and other technology?

    The truth will set you free, we share several techniques for coming into the highest truth from your heart.

    Truth, Liberty & Divine Expression, a Vodcast with Anaiya Pistis Sophia

    We talk about Hong Kong in light of the recent conflict and violence, how this is the setting the stage for the New Earth.

    How to Stop the Violence in Hong Kong

    We share how we can change our circumstances by changing ourselves.

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    Free meditations from my heart to yours