• Universal Energy Healing

    Powerful healing and loving energies from the universe

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    Working in connection with the illumined teams of divine love and your higher self, Yjemani facilitates multi-dimensional healing energy from the Universe to clear and recalibrate the parts of you that need energy balancing.


    The part of your body in need of healing will receive its unique frequencies of health and balance, activated by the divine love, light, and power of Source. This universal healing takes place with sacred technologies that are specific for the healing of your physical body, mental body, emotional body, soul body, genetic body, and/or spiritual body; re-aligning those parts not in balance back to the Oneness of Love, Grace and Health.


    Sacred sounds, and other quantum tools such as other codes and ki's, clearing discordant energies and activations may also be used to support the healing session.


    Energy Healing sessions are available in-person in Hong Kong, this session lasts for 45-60 minutes. You will be asked to lie down, to receive the necessary healing from Yvonne and the healing teams.


    Energy Exchange:

    HK$1400 for 45 mins.

    For 3 or more sessions purchased in bulk, we offer a discounted rate of HKD1300 per session.

    This price is inclusive of room rental


    Languages: English, Cantonese, Putonghua


    Contact Yjemani at yjemani@cosmic-dance.net for more information or bookings.



    "Just wanted to send you a message to say thank you so much for the healing yesterday. It has been amazing! I was tired yesterday, and I came home to rest. And it was very good, for the first time in weeks I slept all the way through. And my body was hurting less, because my muscles was hurting from all the detox. The pain has alleviated and I can feel my kidneys and my liver warm and golden full of light. So thank you so much for that healing session, I am grateful to you for it's made a world of difference it has made it so much easier. " ~ KL, Hong Kong


    "Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed my session with you yesterday and found it immensely healing so thank you." ~ RH, Hong Kong