• Divine Communion

    Coming back to your heart in acceptance to your divinity

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    Are you dealing with some issues that have caused your heart to close down? Though you are trying hard do you get triggered by events and people? Everything seems to be moving so fast, but you don't have clarity on where you are heading, or you cannot re-create the connection you once had?


    Divine Communion is a healing session to help you come back to your heart and create a divine communion with your Soul, your guides, Higher Self and Presence. In collaboration with your Higher Self and the enlightened realms, Yjemani will be delving into the issues that are causing discomfort, judgments or the feelings of being off-centered. Ultimately the inner journey of healing will liberate your heart, helping you to have a sacred communion with your heart, and acceptance of your divinity creating an expansion of your spiritual being.


    These sessions are very multi-dimensional and may go very deep. The healing session with Yjemani may access your Akashic records, bring healing to your divine child, balance feminine or masculine polarities, and effect sacred union. The session may also clear energetic blockages, release entanglements, transmute entities and other energetic attachments, recalibrate your subtle body and other energetic attunements. During the session facilitated by Yvonne, we may look at influences from your Soul, Monad or ancestral lineages, and you may be asked to make amends in order to complete the healing journey. We may also release any implants, technologies, seals or other influences that are blocking your light and inhibiting your growth potential, and there may be healing for your body and your chakras if guided.


    Yjemani will be channeling information and the meditation from the enlightened realms, and will be offering the Divine Communion as a form of a sacred inner journey of healing. She may also use sacred sounds, light language, and other quantum tools in the session during the meditation and healing process. When limitations are embraced and brought back to your heart with unconditional love, you will experience lightness and enjoy greater clarity around your purpose, deepen the connection to your Soul and enriching your life with greater communion to the Divine. When you come back to the grace of your heart, you will experience greater well-being, success, flow, and expansion as the sovereign divine being that you are.


    Session Format: Video conference via Zoom or in-person (Hong Kong only). Recordings of the session may be requested.


    Energy Exchange:

    US$140 or HK$1100 for one hour.

    There will be an additional charge for room rental & transportation in Hong Kong.


    Languages: English, Cantonese, Putonghua.


    Contact Yjemani at yjemani@cosmic-dance.net for information or bookings.



    "Thank you dear Yjemani for an incredible healing session today to heal my masculine and feminine ancestral roots. It was a very powerful session and I could feel the deep shifts occurring within my being as both parts of my ancestral lineage forgave each other and came together. It was as if the weight of centuries of suffering and oppression was lifted from my ancestors in that one session, and we were collectively liberated. I am continuing to feel lighter within my being and words cannot express my deep gratitude to you for the gift you have given me through this healing session. You are a very gifted and powerful healer and channel, who is able to generate deep transformative shifts within others. I hope more people get an opportunity, like I have, to experience your amazing gifts." ~ Amakara, UK


    "I had the pleasure of attending one of Yjemani’s sessions, the insights gained from the meditations we were taken through have stuck with me and have caused me to make a number positive changes in my life. The core activity we did was to connect with our Soul to check in and see whether our goals for the year ahead were really what would make us happy and were what we truly wanted. Connecting with this part of me, which prior to the session I didn’t even know existed, has allowed me to realize the course I was on and the behaviors that got me there were not only destructive but also not what I really wanted to do. After being guided by my Soul to chose a different path, I feel like there’s a weight lifted from my shoulders and a sense of lightness and positivity in my being which had been lacking for some time. Yvonne’s knowledge and understanding of how to access parts of ourselves that most are oblivious to are truly remarkable and I’m inspired by her wisdom and insightful knowledge of how to connect deeply within ourselves and others." ~ RH, Hong Kong


    "I woke up feeling very joyful, blissful..... feeling lots of love. I'm now completely at peace." ~ JS, Hong Kong