• About Yjemani

    A Catalyst, Alchemist, Guide, and Creationist in the modern-day world

    Yjemani Kaala Raphael is a creationist, catalyst, alchemist, and teacher co-creating with the Cosmic Treasury of Light, the Paradise Sons, the Emerald Temples of Light, the Councils of Creation and the Divine Mother. Through the manifestation of Cosmic Light Templates and Codes that are coming back to the Earth grids, Yjemani is lovingly bringing the new templates and codes of original creation and teachings that awakens the gifts of multi-dimensionality and Presence in each person’s God nature.


    As Yvonne withdrew from form into the formless, Yjemani has emerged as the celebration of the Divine Presence and the co-creator with Source that is present in all Creation. A multi-dimensional consciousness also experienced in the industries of finance, healthcare and social innovation, Yjemani lovingly empowers beloveds on their earthly path to align to their Soul's higher mission and spiritual ascension through bridging higher wisdom with practical earth experience. Yjemani is actively leading and facilitating various projects in service to Mother Gaia, she invites lightworkers to join in the co-creation and anchoring of Heaven on Earth.