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    Become the Master Creator of your reality

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    Are you needing a loving guide for your spiritual empowerment?


    A single or a series of mentoring sessions for Beloveds committed to their spiritual path of empowerment. You may already be meditating regularly and have explored a number of paths, the Empowerment Mentoring sessions are suited if you value loving support and divine guidance to enable the next stage of your spiritual evolution.


    Yjemani will be mentoring and guiding you to support your self-mastery, consciousness expansion, and spiritual development. During the mentoring sessions, she may provide spiritual insights and deepen your understanding on yours spiritual journey as a Soul, with your Higher Self and with your Presence with channeled messages, divine guidance, and loving support. This is not a healing session, the mentoring empowers you to be your own healer and become the creator master of your reality. Yjemani will hold the love, integrity, and faith that you have the necessary tools and skills to be able to transform any unresolved energies, raise your consciousness, manifest your highest potential, and become the divine creator that you are.


    Mentoring Sessions Options

    There are two types of mentoring sessions that are available

    Option 1: single mentoring sessions; or

    Option 2: a series of tailored mentoring sessions


    Option 1: Empowerment Mentoring Session

    This is a a single mentoring session that can support you to move to the next stage of spiritual evolution. These loving mentoring sessions will provide the clarity and understanding to help you to deepen your spiritual connection, and open to the greater parts of your multidimensional nature. There will be guidance for your self-empowerment, how to heal and empower yourself fully to provide you with the tools that support you on your ascension path.


    The Energy Exchange for a single Mentoring Session is HK$1100 or US$140 conducted online via Zoom.


    If you are requiring in-person mentoring in Hong Kong, there is an additional charge for the room rental.



    Option 2: Trailored Empowerment Mentoring Program

    Prior to beginning the first session, Yjemani will commune with your Higher Self and Presence, and channel a tailored made program that is uniquely designed for your Soul’s journey and empowerment. In the first session, she will share your Empowerment Program, provide loving but practical guidance, as well as suggest techniques that will enable your self-mastery. The program consists of 10 mentoring sessions that take place online or in-person. Over the 10 sessions, the commitment to self-mastery and inner transformations that takes place will give you greater confidence, clarity of your purpose, and empower you as a master creator of your own reality.


    Summary of what you will get from the Tailored Empowerment Mentoring Program:

    • Tailored-made program unique to your Soul’s journey, channeled with guidance from your Higher Self, and Presence; 
    • Written program and guidance of your Empowerment program; 
    • 10x 1 hour sessions via Zoom or in-person with Yvonne with loving guidance and encouragement; 
    • Weekly review and feedback on your progress; 
    • Email communication for extra support during the program;
    • Recordings of your sessions.


    Energy Exchange:

    • Over 12-16 weeks, as series of 10 Empowerment Mentoring sessions x 1 hour each, 
    • US$140 or HK$1100 per session, a 50% deposit of US$700 must be paid in advance before Yjemani will channel your unique program 
    • A series of mentoring sessions via Zoom Conference or in-person (Hong Kong only).

    • There are additional charges for room rental & transport in Hong Kong for in-person meetings

    Languages: English, Cantonese, Putonghua


    Contact Yjemani at yjemani@cosmic-dance.net for more information or bookings.



    "I have known Yjemani for years, but our dialogue on mindfulness began only recently. I have this urge to deal with a repeated old habit, most likely karmic related. Despite meditating for years, I joined with a view to learning other perspectives and alternative approaches. Yvonne has many in her "goodie bag":-). I like how the exercises, which are precise and bring things to the core. Yvonne cleared up for me what I wanted to get cleared." ~ OPY, Shanghai




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