2020 Year End Energy Updates

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2020 Year End Energy Updates

The energies leading up to the year end are very powerful. These are the energies to consolidate all the changes that have been occurring at the collective level, that has begun to create, and initiate a great balance upon Earth. The year 2020 has initiated a massive re-balancing that has affected every aspect of our lives, resulting in the collective awakening and reassessment of their relationships towards their personal health and safety, as well as their relationships with their family and society. Powerful astrological alignments in the last quarter of the year continue to create major shifts, the full moon of October has created for the individual and the collective to enter into the dark nights of their Soul, and this will continue until year end which culminates into a major influx of new Source codes coming through the Suns to Earth on the 21st December 2020. The disempowered feminine has been the focus of balance and healing this year, and it is through the many cosmic alignments amplifying in the last month that the Divine Feminine or the Christ Feminine will come to the fore.

Partial Lunar Eclipse - 30th November 2020

Many planets in our solar system has already been dancing in conjunctions since the end of last year. We had the third Jupiter - Pluto conjunction on 12th November as the continuous expansion of death and rebirth energies support the disempowered feminine to let go of fears to allow new consciousness and new ways of being the empowered feminine to birth. The partial lunar eclipse on the 30th November in Gemini initiates and supports the individual and collective balancing through the amplified focus on the disempowered feminine. It is the balance of the feminine and the masculine polarities, and the higher consciousness of this relationship that is needed to heal both sides but first the feminine needs to step into her sovereignty. As the full moon and potent lunar eclipse energies shines a light on where the feminine has given power away to the masculine, greater acceptance and taking responsibility through one's thinking instead of avoidance and blame allows the feminine to move out of her disempowered state.

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Full Solar Eclipse - 14th December 2020

There is also a Sagittarius full solar eclipse in conjunction to Mars on 14th December, it represents a new beginning for new consciousness as new learning and accelerated growth to be experienced through the higher mind in search of the universal truth. The disempowered feminine holds within its memory imprints unconscious beliefs and thinking that creates for her to feel triggered and out of balance emotionally due to the dualistic situations playing out in the world. By shining the most powerful light through the full solar eclipse, all that was hidden will come to the surface so that it can be resolved. The solar eclipse gateway actually begins a week before the peak of the event and continues for a week after, it creates an enormous opportunity to complete inner journeys, bringing it all back to love with faith, acceptance and courage. The 14th December is also the beginning of the energetic portal for the great alignment on the 21st December, therefore the energies are exponentially compounded so being aware can serve one to move forward graceful and resolutely through one's initiations and ascension journey.

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Great Alignment - 21st December 2020

On the 21st December, we have the Saturn - Jupiter conjunction also known as the great alignment is the most important celestial event for the last quarter of the year. Though the meeting of the Saturn - Jupiter energies has already begun to amplify since the end of October, it is regarded as a particularly rare event for this conjunction only occurs once every 20 years and this one coincides with the solstice. This great cosmic alignment will deepen the great balancing for the collective, with the rise of the Divine Feminine.

From the womb of Cosmic Sophia through the Suns to Earth, new Source codes and in particular Christ Feminine Source codes will stream to Earth. The astrological alignment collaborates with the sacred site Uluru, the Divine Mother Creation portal of the world supports the expression of 5D frequencies to anchor and unity consciousness to manifest when the collective embrace their feminine power. These influx of Love-Light codes activated into the creation and crystal ley lines of the Earth supports humanity to accelerate the healing of their disempowered feminine in every aspect of their lives, so that they may all step into the empowerment of their sacred feminine and support the birthing of the sacred masculine. The influx of these solar plasmic codes will lift Earth’s vibrations significantly, and it supports the continuous opening, awakening, and ascension of all beings. As the collective steps into their feminine empowerment, it activates the next chapter of Earth's evolution. The old patriarchal structures and the established powers that govern Earth will lessen their grip and control, as people act from their highest truth through the liberation of their loving heart, while compassionately and peacefully engaged in spiritual and social activism.

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Empowerment of your Divine Feminine

In the time leading up to the 21st December and early into next year is what you might call the last stretch of integrating and liberating the feminine that has been repressed for eons. One may experience stronger emotional experiences, leading up to the end of the year is an excellent time to purge the issues in your life that has been avoided and hidden. It is time to let go of the shadow bringing the higher perspective to the issue and completing the karmic journey, resolving and clearing your negative beliefs, and the fear-based emotions stemming from your subconscious. The major decluttering and purge requires all four of your energy bodies to be integrated, from balancing the spiritual karma through unconditional love, to acceptance with your mind and keeping the light-filled higher thoughts and beliefs, to honoring your emotions and forgiving yourself fully, to grounding these energies in your physical body and clearing away old physical items that connects to the issue as the final closure and embodiment.

Integration of your disempowered feminine is seeking to bring about respect, equality, and liberation through letting go of old paradigms that she is weak and inferior. No one is deserving of servitude, but the feminine may have blamed herself and thus allowed victimisation to continue. Perpetuating the guilt and the belief that she is wrong, she may continue to cause more separation within herself and from the Divine before she realises she is a sovereign being. We emphasise this is not about patriarchal society or certain beings suppression of the feminine, this is where every person needs to take responsibility for every Soul has been the victim of injustice, given power away and been the suppressor of their own feminine. It is also not about placing any expectation on any perceived leader, be it a social, political, or spiritual leader to lead anyone or the collective out of salvation for this also creates disempowerment. We all have the capacity to make a great difference and liberate ourselves through love, and forgiveness, it starts with reclaiming our power through faith in our spiritual connection to the Divine, and acceptance and courage to take responsibility for any behaviour and thoughts that has created disempowerment. It is our responsibility to create joyful and loving experiences for ourselves, this nurtures the greatest expression of our Soul and Spirit to be in a collaborative and co-creative relationship.

The courageous feminine will need to go through the dark passages to meet her vulnerabilities, to let go of her unconscious fears and limiting beliefs, so that she can be birthed into the light as her authentic self as a powerful Presence. The great alignment marks the triumphant return of the Christ Feminine where she will stand in sovereignty, in her full glory and in her right place as the Goddess of Liberty, as the Loving and Compassionate Mother, and the Powerful Creation Mother. These are the feminine archetypes that are beginning to return and the more humanity embodies their divine feminine the more it facilitates for the New Earth reality to ground and be experienced by all.

Upcoming Activities

In this expansive month of December, humanity will be propelled to make many shifts in consciousness. We invite you to join us for the upcoming activities in December to accelerate your personal and the collective ascension if the below resonate, and we look forward to connecting with you in the one heart shortly.

  • On the 2nd December, we will be co-facilitating the Love Transformation Full Moon Ceremony with Amakelia Kumara and El'mara Lucas. The free meditation that supports new levels of Celestial Love and divine dispensations to activate over-lighted by the Holy Mother, Celestial Mothers and Asthar Command, PM for the recording. 
  • On the 12th December, we will be facilitating a workshop in Chinese Embodying Your Divine Feminine for those present in Hong Kong. This is an in-person workshop over-lighted by the Celestial Mother and the Sisterhood of Light.
  • On the 19th December, we will be co-facilitating an online sacred sounds event Sounds of the Universe with Anaan Kumara. This event will bring divine blessings from the Universal Christ solar portal to support closure for your year and openness for the new year. 
  • And on the 21st December we will be offering an online mini-workshop Return of the Christ Feminine, details of this event with beloved Sophia, Christ and the Angelic Kingdom will be available shortly also. 
  • On the 30th December, we will be co-facilitating another Love Transformation Full Moon Ceremony with Amakelia Kumara and El'mara Lucas. This is a free online meditation that supports new levels of Celestial Love and divine dispensations to activate over-lighted by the Holy Mother, Celestial Mothers and Asthar Command. Details will come.