5th Sacred Ray of Harmony, Healing, Science, Creation, and Abundance

Fifth sacred emerald ray

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5th Sacred Ray of Harmony, Healing, Science, Creation and Abundance

When disharmonious energies are brought back to balance, there is harmony across all bodies of consciousness and it results in healing.

The fifth sacred ray is related to science and creation, for returning a disharmonious state back to harmonious state is a science for there can be a systematic process. When the Law of Oneness, Law of Divinity and Law of Love in relation to science is respected there is Divine Creation. When there is divine creation, in co-creation with the Divine there is and always will be abundance and harmonic flow.

When you are feeling stuck, or needing to come back to balance call on the emerald ray or the 5th ray to support you on all levels of your being or through that area of your life. Humanity is needing the 5th ray more than ever to support the collective consciousness given the instability, and with the great changes taking place. Mother Earth is also needing an upliftment with the 5th Ray to support all kingdoms to come back to balance with each other.

Meditate and radiate the fifth emerald ray, the ray of Harmony, Healing, Science, Creation, and Abundance to all beings and Mother Earth. May this ray bless you, your loved ones, and all beings.

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