A Prayer for Divine Truth

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A Prayer for Divine Truth

Dear God, Source, Oneness, All that Is,

We ask and pray for the highest assistance from all the enlightened realms that are over-lighting the development of Earth to support humanity to come into divine truth, the meeting of their mind with their sacred heart.

We ask the Holy Mother and the legions of Angels for the blessings of higher octaves of love to raise the vibrations of all kingdoms of the Earth. We pray that humanity will open their hearts wider than ever before, that they will experience unconditional love for themselves, and be able to share their love with all life including to Mother Earth. Through the experience of love, we ask and pray that humanity will also see the beauty in all life, see the beauty and higher perspective in all situations, see the beauty and grace upon which their current soul journey serves them.

We pray that humanity will be freed from any third party distortions and programs that would prevent them from being able to access the truth of their hearts through the help of Blue Ray of Truth and Violet Ray of Freedom. We ask that humanity's consciousness be freed from third dimensional beliefs and thinking that the world is only scarcity, survival, competition and a fear-based world. We ask for the liberation of humanity's will and subconscious from all fear, that they will be able to critically think for themselves, that they will have the courage to break through any past conditioning, and be open to their super-consciousness and to the metaphysical spiritual world.

We ask for God's Light to shine on all distorted history, and all hidden agenda that would enslave or prevent the natural evolution of humanity. We ask that all censorship, creation of fake news, subconscious programming and distorted history be lifted now. We ask for the highest grace that as humanity comes into new truths of the hidden shadow nature of our world, that they will be held deeply by the love of the Holy Mother, and be able to step into their sovereignty with faith, compassion, and empowerment and move forward with resilience, purpose, and unity consciousness. We pray that all humanity will be able to easily experience abundance of love, divinity, health and oneness within and around them if it is their choice to do so. We ask for the amplification of the golden vision that humanity will live in accordance to the Universal Laws, in harmony with Mother Earth, all of Earth's kingdoms, and with all spiritual realms of the Universe eventually bringing Heaven to Earth.

We ask for all obstacles to Divine Truth experienced by every person be removed now. With the help of the Archangels, we ask for Grids of Consciousness, Grids of Protection, Grids of Faith to hold all beings to the truth and grace of the Divine Will. We give thanks to God and to all enlightened realms for all the coming dispensations that all will take place on Earth in alignment with the divine plan.

Blessed be, blessed be all beings, blessed be the Earth.

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