Blessing Service: Bless My Place With Harmony And Flow

Weekly purify and bless your place with harmonious flow

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Bless My Place With Harmony And Flow

Weekly Service via Long Distance

A sacred blessing that comes to your place from the heart of Gaia’s Emerald Temple, and the Celestial realms. Bless My Place With Harmony and Flow will purify discordant energies in your private residences or workplace, and create a balance of harmonious flow that not only supports your space but all persons that frequent your place. Facilitated by Yvonne, and over-lighted by various Enlightened Masters and Arch-Angels are supporting the blessing of your sacred place with quantum technologies, codes, dispensations, and frequencies.

On a weekly basis, Yvonne will work with the illumined teams to purify your place of discordant energies, any negative thought-forms, and emotions, entities, viruses, molds, and fungus, radiation, pollution, just to name a few of the potential harmful energies. Removing discordant energies is important to support a healthy and harmonious environment for you, your family, colleagues, and clients. Once the energies in your place are transmuted, your space will be activated and blessed with greater harmonic balance, vibrant health, a flow of prosperity, immense peace, illumination of the mind, abundant joy, and unconditional love. Provided they are open to receiving such blessings from the activated space, anyone living or working there will also receive these blessings to support their daily lives. This includes all sentient beings, from human beings, animals, plants to minerals will also stand to benefit. Finally, your place will be sealed with energetic protection, so that future lower vibrations cannot enter and disrupt the harmonic flow of your place.


"I have noticed that people working in my house are smiling and more kind than usual. Even I have been going in and out through these days I felt a harmonious atmosphere. It has been a very stable and loving atmosphere at home, a feeling of calm and peace. Every time I look at your code, it gives me the feeling of spinning, spreading happiness and love all over the place!" ~ Shamakaya Kumara, Mexico City

"Just want to say your space clearing activation has assisted me to stay at peace more. I noticed that I was more at peace the last whole week even though my physical reality was pretty hectic. With more peace, I had more awareness and was able to break through a few hurdles easier. This morning as we took the puppy out to the garden for her physical needs, I was covered by mosquitoes. Although it was the attack by mosquitoes was uncomfortable, for the first time I felt fine and even laughed a little about the experience. Thank you for your assistant!" ~ Ashana, Hong Kong

"Thanks so much! The feeling the home has been very happy and harmonious ... sleeping is better, but the home still needs to work on creating a more peaceful environment and getting more flow ... but I would say the dynamic and the energy in the Hangzhou home feels very good." ~ Brian Wong, Hangzhou

"Thank you Yvonne. I'm going through a time of transformation / transition and I've found inspiration and new levels of self-discipline/ less lethargy as of late. Things are starting to balance back out as I chisle down the mountains of to-do's and your support is always empowering." ~ Dana Leong, Shanghai

"Isa is super energetic and happy, I think it is really working! .... It is a vortex that brings in positive energy from higher dimensions and realms." ~ Julia & Gabriele, Manila

Relevant Information:

* This service is offered on a pay-by-monthly basis or you can opt to pay for multiple months in advance in which case substantial discounts are offered.

* Energy Exchange: HK$333 per month, or if bulk purchase with payment in one go;

For 6 months or more, discount by 11%;

For 12 months or more, discount by 22%.

* Despite the monthly payments, the blessing for greater harmony and flow of your sacred space will occur weekly. There will be at least 4 blessings per month.

* Bless My Place With Harmony and Flow can be applied to your home or your office, and the blessing can be applied to any space in the world.

* Participants of this program will receive a sacred code that assists with anchoring the energies from the higher dimension.

* Bless My Place With Harmony and Flow will cover an appropriate area of 2000 sq ft (200 meters), if you have a larger area space please enquire for a new price.

* Sign up or inquire at