Communion with Your Soul

Entering the void

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From the time of Confucianism and Buddhism ... to mystics and yogis ... to modern day personalities such as Oprah and professional athletes are touting the benefits of meditation.

Aside from achieving inner-peace, improving health to manifesting abundance etc., a core benefit that is not often talked about is that meditation helps you to commune with your Soul.

Your Soul is Spirit that has incarnated in this life-time to experience its fullest potential expansion for spiritual advancement. Your Soul has innate gifts from previous lives, and your Soul can acquire new abilities by way of tapping into higher consciousness and universal energies.

"The point of quieting the monkey mind, is to allow space to communicate with your Soul"

By aligning with your Soul, life will flow effortlessly and abundantly. Meanwhile your innate gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience to healing and many other may be revealed. These gifts are not destined for a special few but are abilities that are available for us to reclaim.