Easter Ceremony 18Apr: Resurrect your Christ Nature with the Cosmic Solar Christ Family

Celebrate your inner Christ and the planetary expansion of Christ Consciousness

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Easter Ceremony 


18 April 2022 

London 8am, Hong Kong 3pm, Sydney 5pm, Auckland 7pm


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Dear Radiant Ones,  

We invite you to breathe into the Divinity of your Heart Flame and Sacred Heart. Breathe into the Oneness within and around you, as you connect with the sacredness and divinity of All that is.   

On this Holy Easter weekend the energies of Christ consciousness is especially magnified, Cosmic Solar Christ energies are influxing in great potency that amplify the planetary Christ consciousness to awaken humanity to their inner Christ, in addition to many people around the world celebrating the resurrection of Jesus as Christ is creating a  powerful force field of Divinity, Love and Light.    

Christ Consciousness transcends religious beliefs, it is the embodiment of Loving Wisdom with the heart and mind in divine union, and a unity of your feminine and masculine consciousness in hierogamos that the truth of your divinity and all beings as the blessed children of the Creator Universal Father is expressed.    

Christ Consciousness is an evolved stage of everyone’s spiritual journey, it is a necessary pathway to physical and cosmic ascension as it requires self-mastery and transfiguration of dualistic energies within. It is through the embracing of your Christ nature activated with your Holy Spirit, that divine creations manifest through the empowerment of your Divine Presence otherwise known as your God or Creator nature. 

We are calling to all beloveds who resonate to resurrecting your Christ nature and enhancing the planetary Christ field, to come together in co-creation with the Cosmic Christ Family on Easter Monday. We shall be releasing collective memories of the suppression of Christ consciousness and wisdom, and the distortions of the Christ Feminine and Christ Masculine, to reclaim our Christ-Chistos heart at a personal and collective level. Participants will also be connecting with the Christ Family Group Heart to support your family and all Earth families, and together we will supporting the Christ grids of the earth to ground Cosmic Solar Christ consciousness for humanity and Mother Earth.    

We look forward to communing together in holy ceremony with the beloved Christ family.    

With all our love, 

Yjemani in collaboration with the Cosmic Christ Family   

Event Summary

Date: Monday, 18 April 2022   

Time: London 8am, Hong Kong 3pm, Sydney 5pm, Auckland 7pm (1.5 hours)    

Format: Live Webinar via Zoom or else receive via Recording; Recordings will be sent within 2 hours of the ceremony’s completion    

Exchange: a free meditation, donations are also welcome via Paypal 

Registration: essential via eventbrite, press registration button below    

Contact: email yjemani@cosmic-dance.net for any enquiries