Equinox Ceremony in Celebration of your Light Ascension on 20 March

Manifest more Light and Joy in your Life with the Equinox Ceremony and Cosmic Light

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Equinox Ceremony In

Celebration of Your Light Ascension

20 March 2022 | Sydney 7pm, Hong Kong 4pm, London 8am  

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Dear Radiant Ones,

We greet you dear ones from the Cosmic planes of the Creator. This is a momentous occasion, a golden period for ascension of the Earth and all kingdoms as the Cosmic Light streams through the Universe via the Central Suns tduring the equinox. This is initiated and amplified by the Cosmic Christ energies, Divine Love and Light Codes that is opened and flowing the Universal Core, and from the heart of Mother and Father God for the upliftment and awakening of the hearts and minds of humanity as this supports physical and cosmic ascension.   

The expansion of Light naturally enables all Souls to experience more light-filled and joyful experiences in their daily lives as it reinforce dualistic consciousness and dense energies to shift from the heart, mind and light body so that one may evolve spiritually. The manifestation of greater light is the personal transformation and the growing collective interest in all things and experiences that are loving, light-filled and of unity consciousness. And the expression of your physical ascension prepares for cosmic ascension, with the deepening of your multi-dimensional consciousness, integration of your Monad, merging with your God Presence through the grounding of Cosmic Light while co-creating with your full divinity.    

We are celebrating on the inner planes as we are seeing tremendous awakening, expansion and ascension of the earth collective. Earth is a focal point of transformation in your Galaxy and Universe, as there is latent divine potential held within your DNA as you activate greater parts of your consciousness and thereby support your Monad to integrate. Many of you have incarnated or walked in at this time to support these great shifts. Through your light mastery and ascension, you are supporting not only humanity and Mother Earth, but divine progression of all life throughout the Universe.    

The March equinox is the culmination of the Light Manifestation and Divine Union frequencies, codes and geometries influxing to earth since 2.2.22, that supports the embracing and grounding of more Light through the opening of your Love and surrendering to Oneness All that is. The Celebration of Your Light Expansion Ceremony is suited for spiritual initiates and lightworkers to attune to the full benefits of the March equinox with the divine assistance from the Cosmic Masters Vywamus, Lord Maitreya and Lord Melchizedek. If you are called to join us for the equinox ceremony, these are the benefits that you may experience: 

  • Expansion of your heart chakra and deepening of your sacred heart, opening of your Love body to higher levels of Light through the Creatrix of the Divine Mother; 
  • Deepening and expansion of your Earth Heart connection to support the grounding and embodiment of your Light  
  • Lifting of the resistances that create for your light that to not ground into the physical;  
  • Lifting of the old stories held in the genetic body and ancestral family connection that resist the Light; 
  • Special dispensations and blessings for the mind, the purification and lifting of the mind’s filter to your superconsciousness, higher guidance, and higher consciousness mergence;  
  • Lifting of the fears and limiting beliefs thatthe Light may be misused, cause harm or is too powerful that may be held in your consciousness or energy body; 
  • Activation of the crystalline consciousness and light filaments within the DNA and cells, to enable inter-dimensional travel at faster and higher light speeds;  
  • Attunment to the gifts of Light for one’s Angelic nature, Galactic nature, Christ nature, Celestial nature and Universal nature that is unique and tailored to your Soul path, energetic blueprint and Divine Presence; 
  • Preparation of your Light body for Cosmic ascension, activation with the Codes of Cosmic Ascension; 
  • Universal Template of Earth Unification to support the balance and unification of Love and Light on Earth; and 
  • Divine blessings to support the empowerment of your Christ I AM Presence through the love and blessings of the Cosmic Christ.    

The 3-hour live-webinar ceremony will be structured into two parts with a short break in between, otherwise you may also receive the recordings. We look forward to communing with you in joyous celebration of your light ascension.    

With Cosmic Love & Light,  

Yjemani with Vywamus, Lord Maitreya and Lord Melchizedek      

Event Details   

Date: 20 March 2022   

Time: Sydney, Hong Kong 4pm, London 8am (for 3 hours)   

Format: live webinar via zoom or receive recording    

Heart Exchange: by loving donation, recommended minimum USD33   

Registration: essential via eventbrite, press the register button below    

Recording: will be sent within 2 hours of the ceremony completion  

Contact: please email Yjemani at yjemani@cosmic-dance.net with any feedbact or inquiries


Facilitator From Yjemani's heart to her travels to the infinite universe, it has activated a remembrance of her Soul's gifts, multi-dimensional nature and divine mission as an inter-dimensional & Source channel. Yjemani Kaala Raphael is a spiritual catalyst, guide, alchemist and creationist co-creating with the Family of Light. As a multi-dimensional combination of love, light and creation that opens doors for other beloveds so they may access greater love, consciousness, divinity, creativity and harmonic flow. Yjemani co-creates with the enlightened realms, sharing insights, sacred sounds, channels teachings, and universal healing from Presence and the Family of Light, in private sessions, group meditations, workshops and sacred group missions. She has also collaborated and performed with musicians and sound healers on sacred sound journeys, as well as consciously shares her unique frequency of divine love, light and essence into her creations. Refer to Yjemani's work and path of service at www.cosmic-dance.net.