Event 7th Feb: Sounds of the Universe

An immersive sacred sounds journey infused with the full moon and the universe

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Event: Sounds of the Universe, an immersive sacred sounds journey

7th February 2020 | 700PM - 930PM @Five Elements Habitat

Special Notice 1Feb 2020:

My special guest is none other than Anaan Ysmael Kumara! Anaan is French and is an international teacher of the Divine University. He teaches all around the world, and most recently in Hong Kong since 2018. Anaan and I co-created the first Sounds of the Universe back in 2019, the interweaving of transmissions with the guides was a spectacular immersion of divine frequencies. He happens to be in town in early February, we are so looking forward to co-creating again for you at the second Sounds of the Universe during the full moon of February.

February's full moon is in Leo, its energies are empowering as it supports you to not only bring closure to the recent journeys it will also help you build confidence as you step forward on your path. As you vibrate in positive radiance, you will attract greater opportunities, abundance, joy and experience liberation! This is against the background of very strong and perhaps challenging eclipse energies of Dec19/ Jan20, sacred sounds is a great way to wind down and receive the balancing frequencies that support your mastery in this year of expansion.

I know some people are concerned about leaving their homes in light of the recent virus scare. The virus feeds off fear, the more you are in a state of love whilst also taking care of yourself the more you are immune to it. During the Sounds of the Universe, participants will receive exactly what they need from the guides be it healing, transmuting fear or other forms of activations. We invite you to commune more deeply with your heart through this sacred sounds blessing with Anaan and myself.

As the final surprise, I am delighted to share a 20% promo code to all my beloved friends. You may use the code of MAY2020 upon registration with Fivelements Habitat.

So looking forward to an immersive night of sacred sounds with the full moon energies.

With all my love,

We invite you to join Yvonne Yjemani Li & friends for a beautiful evening of sacred sounds. The “Sounds of the Universe” will transport participants on an immersive journey of sacred sounds and multi-dimensional frequencies infused with the loving and powerful energies from February's full moon.

Yvonne is a spiritual catalyst and guide from Hong Kong, she is focused on expanding the regional consciousness and uniting all hearts into the one heart. The vocal transmissions through sounding tones, sacred sounds and singing by Yvonne & friends are filled with multi-dimensional quantum frequencies from the infinite universe. Together, the duo is weaving their sounds to co-create an original program for a night of sacred ceremony and deep healing meditation. Please refer below for their bios.

Sacred sounds come from enlightened realms, the varying frequencies and vibrations of the universe, each resonating with different parts of the physical body and subtle body for the purpose of purification, healing, activation, and expansion.” ~ Yvonne Yjemani Li

Sacred sounds bypass the mind and allow participants to deepen connection to the inner sanctuary of their sacred heart creating an expansion of their subtle energetic body. During this heightened and relaxed state of awareness, Anaan and Yvonne will further facilitate multi-dimensional transmissions from their Presence to create deep healings and inner journeys to take place. As you surrender in total relaxation and while being lovingly held in this sacred space, you will be able to reconnect to the most sacred part your eternal heart that is, in essence, the beingness of love, peace, and oneness.

2020 is the year of mastery and growth, everyone will experience tremendous consciousness upgrades. February's full moon is the final winter moon (snow moon) before the new Spring, this period is suited for completing any inner work with compassion and love. Allow yourself to ride on the energy influx of the full moon through a sacred sounds healing ceremony that will re-calibrate your energetic bodies so that you may experience a loving integration and expansion filled with grace, balance and oneness.

We look forward to a beautiful evening journey to the Universe with you.

With all our love,

Yvonne & friends



Date: Friday, 7th February 2019

Time: 7PM - 930PM

Venue: Five Elements Habitat, Times Square 13/F, Causeway Bay

Suitability: Open to the public

Fees: HK$555 at the door, early bird HK$444 till 24th January 2020

Space: 30 spaces only so registration is a must. Mats, cushions and blankets are provided.

Register: via eventbrite or call Five Elements at 6803 5081

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Testimonials from the last Sounds of the Universe:

"It’s like you were helping us to clean all the obstacles and barriers between us and the universe, both conscious and physical. We were gently guided and protected by your tender voices and sounds of the crystal balls. Nothing from this earth life does exist and matter anymore. No desires, no greed, no expectation. All emotions once belonging to human beings disappeared. Only the universe left. The infinite, timeless, encompassing universe. And our being. Pure and innocent state of being. No past, no future. No clinging to any objects. We are one." ~ Kiya X

"Good venue and atmosphere for meditation. I can fully relax and let the sounds guide me go into meditation. I felt the power of the universe which I believe I have to let go of my fears and follow my heart to pursue what my higher self guides me to achieve. It was relaxing and comfortable after the meditation." ~ S