February 2020 Energies Decoded

Riding the wave in February 2020

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Here are some dates and astrological alignments to be aware of in the month of February 2020.

We have just come through the powerful 2nd February (2.2.2022) portal, a cosmic void connecting us to the heart of the galaxy and the 22 galaxies that make up this galactic quadrant. All the 2's due to the 2nd February, and the 22 master year number in 2020 supports our growth and mastery in a big way. It is a special time to complete inner journeys, and balance monadic polarities and bring them to union. This sets the stage for activating the next stage of your ascension through anchoring your higher selves and embodying greater presence.

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We then entered the moon in a snow circle, between 4th to 6th February there are 6 stars surrounding the moon. Also called the winter hexagon, this asterism is made of Sirius, Rigel, Aldebaran, Capella, Castor/ Pollux, and Procyon with the gibbon waxing moon shining brightly in the center. These 6 stars are also supporting our feminine as represented by the moon, to step into her full empowerment. We will not go into how each of these stars influence our feminine, but overall these astrological alignments supports you to let go of limitations so that you can attain soul and monadic mastery, align to your soul purpose and become the vast infinite being that you truly are.

Furthermore, the force of the galactic energies of the winter cricle supports our moon or our feminine's transformation from passiveness, and disempowerment, to a creative and powerful counterpart to the masculine. For aeon, the galactic energies influencing our planet have been constricted and the individual and collective feminine has played a part in giving our power away. 12.21.2012 was predicted to be the end of the world by the ancient Mayans, it actually refers to the end of a galactic cycle of 26500 years. As of that momentus date, the galactic cycle has reached a turning point, and energies have turned upwards and become expansive. In the unified field of One, universal and galactic energies affect everything including the Earth and all beings such as humans, and even ainmals are expanding and ascending with it.

So why is there seemingly so much darkness now you say? The darkness has always been there, whether they are fears of losing control, inferiority, and other insecurities is otherwise known as our ego, our demon or shadow. The influx of universal light coming from the Sun and other celestial alignments is shining a light on all the darkness, it is awakening people's consciousness at a pace never seen before. It is not coincidental that there is less tolerance against injustice, malpractice, and abuse these days and greater interest in freedom, environmental protection, and consciousness development. All the parts of our being that are not in love and oneness, the monadic aspects that hold karma or our divine child that has been neglected are coming up for healing and balancing. This will occur for us individually and collectively, while we do the inner work we are also resolving the unresolved karma energetic playing out across race, cultures, and nations. The major atrocities we have been experiencing, whether they are natural or man-made diasters have the higher purpose of shifting dense energies from Mother Earth and from our collective psyche. Whenever you are triggered, use the opportunity to go within and bring the shadow back to the light with unconditional love.

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The full moon on 9th February is in Leo and Leo builds our confidence and encourage us to step into our sovereignty. The full moon portal actually begins on the 7th February and ends on the 11th February if you are considering to do inner work and soul communion. What aspects of your life can you step up in confidence, are you willing to let go of your limitations? Are you clear on your soul mission, have you recently communed with your heart? How might you shine your light in the world? Do you feel compelled to be of service, can you now step forward in confidence knowing that your guides are the wind behind your wings? These are all questions to contemplate, for they support you during the full moon period on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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Shortly after the full moon, we have Valentine's Day on the 14th February that is celebrated all over the world. Love is not to be experienced one day a year but every day and in every moment, this is your divine right. The greatest love that you can experience, is the love for yourself which is always accessible and abundant. So despite how unfamiliar and difficult the journey of traveling from your head to your heart maybe, it is well worth well it for you are not only gifting yourself this immense gift of self-love but in time will also experience the infinite source of love in the Creator Universe.

The continuation of the energies of 2s & 4s for growth, and 22 for mastery will amplify again on the 20th February and 22nd February. The latter date is also the new moon, so if you have been doing all the inner work at the beginning of the month, you have stepped into your feminine power in balance with your masculine, you have given yourself a healthy dose of self-love and self-appreciation, then you are most definitely in a good position to set new intentions for it is with the spiritual energy of the heart that powers your growth.

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2020 is a leap year and whenever we have this extra day it provides an extraordinary opportunity for us to leap into the future. If anything, you want to leap into a future where you experience greater love and joy. Can you take a leap of faith that you are being supported all along the way? Do you have a clear vision, and are you positioned to make that jump? Numerologically 29th Feb 2020 gives us 11 and 222, if 11 pops up often in your life it's a sign that greater clarity of your purpose is being experienced and 222 is the confirmation that your Spirit is guiding you and supporting your ascension. Many people talk about the 2020 vision, your heart is the ultimate guide that knows the way so make sure your vision is aligned with your heart otherwise there is no spiritual energy powering it.

The multiple astrological and numerological alignments this month are massively supporting your mastery and empowerment of your soul's journey. With the February 2020 energies decoded we wish you an extraordinary month of expansive growth, and we hope you enjoy the ride!