Flight of the Phoenix

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Flight of the Phoenix

The flight of the Phoenix in a Soul's journey symbolises one's physical ascension, liberation and transcendence from the earthly limitations. 

The releasing of the old requires the dissolution or death of the limitation, so that the higher octave which includes the new consciousness and greater multi-dimensional consciousness may be anchored as your continuous spiritual experience. The flight of the phoenix is the journey of withdrawing from form and experiencing the formless in the void of infinite potentiality, and emerging as the Divine Presence that is the celebration of your true divine nature. 

The flight of the phoenix is a beautiful moment to behold and cherish, and yet these moments of releasing the old and embodying the new is already ongoing before and continues long after the physical ascension. The potential to experience spiritual ascension is in every moment, therefore every moment thereafter the transcendence is equally divine and becomes the next opportunity for ascension. 

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