Karnak Temple, the Temple of Amun-Ra

The largest temple complex in the world

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Karnak temple is the largest temple construction in the world covering approximately 250 acres. The sacred complex is located to the east of the Nile River in Luxor and at one point the road paved with sphinxes led all the way to Luxor temple. With many temples within the big temple complex, different structures have been built by different pharaohs over 2000 years to serve the purpose of allowing the pharaohs, priests and sometimes the public connect to the heavens and its deities.

The ancient Egyptians dedicated the Karnak temple to many deities such as Atum, Horus, Ptah, Hathos, Sekhmet, Osiris, Isis to name a few but it was Amun-Ra the Sun God who is the overall chief deity as its ancient name was Temple of Amun. As they say, many world religions stem from ancient Egypt and one of the most holy words from Christianity "Amen" is actually derived from Amun. Blessed be Amen-Amun-Ra.

As usual, we take a mindful walk around the beautiful ruins of the Karnak temple complex. With so many doorways, gateways and inner sanctums within the different buildings, one can easily spend a whole day attuning with the ancient times, what might have been the sacred ceremonies and divine energies. Blessed we were as we moved through the gateways gracefully, receiving light, expanding consciousness and activating soul memories.