Message from Lord Buddha on Liberty

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Message from Lord Buddha on Liberty

7th Mary 2020

We greet you beloved ones. From the heart of Shamballa, we send you waves of love and waves of peace for it is a glorious day. Wesak is a glorious day on the inner realms as we celebrate each of your magnificence and the great achievements you have accomplished. We are also celebrating Gaia for completing her ascension to the fifth dimension and the changes that are clearly taking place on her body, the restoration of the environment and nature. We also celebrate the tenacity of humanity in being faced with isolation and the physical distancing, adapting to it the best they can. There is great celebration on the inner realms of all of these achievements and yet there is so much more to come.

Going forth, as more and more people awaken to the hidden nature of your societal systems, it is revealing distortions of truths, but the greater reality is that you have power to change the circumstances. You have the keys to decide, to resolve the virus situation for the information being presented is clearly showing the hidden agenda, of controlling dissent, and amassing greater control by some authorities. The longer this lockdown occurs, the more it will be revealed so we ask you to be patient and calling on all lightworkers to hold the light and to hold love for all of humanity.

There is a great cause for celebration for it is clear to us in the higher realms, that the tipping point has occurred and that mass awakening is taking place for it no longer legitimize your leader’s actions to control and restrict your freedom. What we are experiencing now at the collective level, is revealing the heart of the issue, the control of your liberty. The more extreme, the more draconian your authorities become, the more it strikes at the heart of the matter that your voice and your independence is at stake. For without these, their systems designed to subtlety suppress humanity will no longer have any power over you as people awaken to the divine truth and step into their sovereignty.

What proceeds is that the disclosures will continue to be shared. It will not be the case of your galactic brothers and sisters suddenly revealing themselves to you but gradual disclosures being made available to those who are awakened and those who are awakening. For there are a great number of your starry family stationed across the Earth, who in their unique way are revealing themselves to those who are switched on, not held by any fear and ready to be of assistance. And the more people that are aligned to the divine truth, it creates greater awakening in the collective to take place for there is the Law of Oneness so every thought, word and action that you take affects all others.

We suggest that you might in your meditations, regularly ask and contemplate how you might be of the highest service to the divine plan? For at different stages of the disclosures and throughout the planetary ascension, we will happily work with our Earth emissaries in the one heart to raise the collective frequency. We hold the vision of your freedom, of the victorious advancement of Earth and humanity to take its rightful place amongst the conglomerate federation of Light, as part of the galactic family.

We have the deepest respect to the lightworkers for volunteering to come to Earth. With all of our love, we hold you in our hearts and we look forward to reuniting with more of you in a conscious and co-creative manner.

We love you and we bless you.

Channeled by Yvonne Yjemani Li