Online Retreat & At-Home-Retreat Program starting on 19Sept: Divine Light, Illumination & Illumination

An online retreat and retreat-at-home program with the Paradise Sons Council of 12 facilitated by Yjemani Raphael

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an online retreat and retreat-at-home program

Divine Light, Illumination & Enlightenment Retreat

3 hour live webinars on 19 September, 26 September, and 3 October 2021 

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Event Description   

We are inviting you to an online retreat that is designed for beloveds to receive at home, and to further deepen your spiritual practiceto support your mastery, and ascension through the empowerment of greater Light, Illumination and Enlightenment. Commissioned by the Paradise Sons Councilof 12, with the divine assistance of the Family of Light and facilitated by Yjemani Kaala Raphael, the Divine Light, Illumination and Enlightenment Retreat takes place with three live webinars of 3 hours each Sunday beginning on the 19th September as well as a retreat-at-home program.    

The webinars will include divine attunements, teachings, blessings and transmissions related to the session focus for those who arecalled to gain greater light mastery. Participants will receive the sacredtemplates, codes, ki’s, sacred geometries, frequencies, dispensations andactivations whether they are joining the live webinar or following via the recording. There will be teachings by the Enlightened Masters to expand your light consciousness. You will be held in Ascension Chambers during the sessions, and following each webinar or by listening to the recording beloveds will be further supported for three days and nights with Archangelic Chambers to deepen your integration and practice.    

The Divine Light, Illumination and Enlightenment Retreat consists of three sacred sessions and a retreat-at-home program as highlighted below:   

Session 1: Embracing your Light (3 hours live webinar) 

The first session is focused on supporting you to embracethe Light of your Soul and of your Multi-Dimensional consciousness. Participantswill receive support to release density from your chakras with a focus on liftingthe sub-conscious beliefs and fears of the Light. The Enlightened Masters will facilitate a greater understanding on the light transformations that may take place during your spiritual ascension, and how you can gracefully embrace more of your multi-dimensionality and light. The Light Session will also include attunements and transmissions to open your receptivity and grounding of greater octaves of light, with a journey to the Sun Sol and to the Mayan Sun Temple. Throughout and following the Light Session, you will be held in an Archangelic Chamber ofLight for three days and nights to support your integration and at home retreat.   

Session 2: Illumination of your Superconsciousness (3 hours live webinar) 

The second session deepens the connection to your Higher Self, and illuminates your Superconsciousness.  The attunement during this session supports the lifting of veils and programs that prevents illumination of your beautiful mind. Unconscious energies that may be held in your energy body, physical body and cellular structure will be lovingly transmuted, so that the energy of not knowing or the fear of knowing may be released accordingly. Your higher chakras and pineal gland will be upgraded through the divine transmission to facilitate your unique connection and communication to the enlightened realms. The teaching from the Enlightened Masters will share how illumination of your superconsciousness and mastery of the light can support you in every day life with an inner plane journey to the Great Pyramids, and the Central Sun Alcyone. Following the Illumination Session, you will be held in an Archangelic Chamber of Illumination for three days and nights to support your integration and at home retreat.   

Session 3: Enlightenment of your God Presence (3 hours live webinar) 

The last session focus is on the Enlightenment of yourascension journey as you expand into your God Presence I AM. The attunement inthis session will support the letting go of separation, for your interdimensional gifts of your divinity are brought into oneness in your DivinePresence. The attunement will support harmony and unity brought through to all parts of your multi-dimensional consciousness. The transmission will also support you to step up your empowerment as a Creator, connect more deeply with your Presence the source origin of your divinity and enlightenment and create the consistency to anchor your mastery on Earth. The teaching from the Enlightened Masters will ground the understanding on physical ascension with an inner plane ascension journey to Mt Kailash Tibet and the Great Central Sun. Following the next three days and nights, you will be held in an Archangelic Chamber of Enlightenment to support your integration and at home retreat.    

A Retreat Handbook 

A handbook for you to work through and continue as part of your ongoing retreat-at-home program, it includes: 

  • The 3 sessions in an easy summary that supportsthe deepening of your divine light connection, mastery and empowerment at home. 
  • Meditation and practices to support the light embodiment and flowering of your consciousness as a Being of incredible light.  
  • Suggestions of activities that you can organiseon your own, to facilitate a total retreat experience at home and in your environment.   

Other Gifts

There will also be various bonus gifts, sacred soundrecordings and meditations in support of all you are anchoring for a greatermastery of your divine light.    

This is the first time that this teaching is being offeredin such an accelerated retreat format that can be received in the comfort ofyour home and surroundings, for the yogis and sages of the past meditated for years in the mountains. Earth will transition powerfully in the remainder ofthis year, many Souls are ready to step up into new octaves of light, to ascend and become more empowered as Divine Creators. This program will help you to assimilate and take advantage of the great influxes of Divine Light that is uplifting the collective consciousness and Mother Earth that initated with theSuper Equinox portal and will last till the end of the year.    

We look forward to coming together in the illustrious lightof the circle of beloveds who are drawn to this retreat, to be grounded duringthe Equinox portal. As we honor your beautiful light, may the gifts of theDivine Light, Illumination and Enlightenment retreat bless you to remember your God consciousness and empower you to share your uniqueness and creations as a divine manifestor of the Golden New Earth.    

Illuminating in Oneness and Love,  

Yjemani Kaala Raphael

In collaboration with the Paradise Sons Council of 12


Event Details   

Dates: 19 September, 26 September, 3 October 2021   

Time: Sydney 6pm, Hong Kong 4pm, UK 9am (3 hours each Sunday x 3 sessions)    

Retreat Format: 3 livestream webinars plus a retreat-at-home program; or the retreat webinars may also be received via recordings;   

Recordings: all recordings will be shared with the participants at the completion of each webinar within 3 hours;

Handbook: a Retreat Handbook will be shared with participants a few days before the the retreat begins on 19 September

Retreat Fees: US$140 for the online retreat and retreat-at-home program or the recordings and retreat at-home program

Payment Methods: full payment via this website as there are paypal and stripe options; if you require slower payment enquire with

Registration: essential via the REGISTER NOW button below

Additional Notes: there will be packets of information and webinar links that will be sent to registered participants. Please ensure your email is filled out correctly and can receive directly from without any spam filter

Enquiries: if you have any other enquiries about the retreat, email

Teacher & Facilitator Bio  

Yjemani Kaala Raphael is a creationist, catalyst, alchemist, and teacher co-creating with the Cosmic Treasury of Light, the Paradise Sons, the Emerald Temples of Light, the Councils of Creation and the Divine Mother. Through the manifestation of Cosmic Light Templates and Codes that are coming back to the Earth grids, Yjemani is lovingly bringing the new templates and codes of original creation and teachings that awakens the gifts of multi-dimensionality and Presence in each person’s God nature.    

As Yvonne withdrew from form into the formless, Yjemani has emerged as the celebration of the Divine Presence and the co-creator with Source that is present in all Creation.  A multi-dimensional consciousness also experienced in the industries of finance, healthcare and social innovation, Yjemani lovingly empowers beloveds on their earthly path to align to their Soul's higher mission and spiritual ascension through bridging higher wisdom with practical earth experience. Yjemani is actively leading and facilitating various projects in service to Mother Gaia, she invites lightworkers to join in the co-creation and anchoring of Heaven on Earth. 

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