Service as an Ascension Pathway

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Service as an Ascension Pathway

Being in service to others sets you firmly on your ascension path, as well as accelerate your ascension. When you are in service to others, there is a beautiful heart opening that enables love to flow from your Soul, and when you share your Soul's unconditional love with other beings you are recognising the divinity in all beings. Sharing your love and light with others, even a smile uplifts others and this in turn creates a cascading positive effect in the unified field of One.  

When you are working with the Divine Plan, there is always a co-creation with your Higher Self, and the enlightened guides. The more you are co-creating with the Divine Plan, the more it empowers your consciousness to open and it also deepens your spiritual connection to God. Service to the Divine Plan is a very graceful and powerful way to support your ascension, for all Ascended Masters and enlightened beings have tread this path and continues to be in service to the Law of One.  

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