Sounds of the Universe on 22Sept20 Equinox

An immersive evening of sacred sounds and multi-dimensional frequencies infused with the equinox energies.

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Special thanks to Anaan for the blessed co-creation, and gratitude to all participants who joined for Sounds of the Universe on the equinox.

You can still receive the frequencies through the recordings, message

With all our love,



"Thank you very much for such amazing session ❤️❤️😍" ~ Maggie Tam, Hong Kong 


"Divine love to you both. Thanks so much for last night, so divine to be bathed in frequencies.🥰 Lush " ~ KE, Hong Kong

"Gratitude c'est divin" ~ Z, France

'Thank you so much for these beautiful frequencies with both of you Yvonne and Anaan, 

perfect harmony. It was difficult to come back, I was in a "dream" ....' ~ IM, France 

Sounds of the Universe

An immersive evening of sacred sounds and multi-dimensional frequencies infused with the equinox energies.

22nd September 2020 . 8PM - 900PM .

Live Via Zoom or Receive Via Recordings

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Back by popular demand, we are now offering Sounds of the Universe, a sacred sounds event for the global soul family from Yvonne Yjemani Li and Anaan Ysmael Kumara. Join us for this worldwide online event where participants be will be transported with sacred sounds and multi-dimensional frequencies infused with cosmic energies from the equinox.

Originally from France, Anaan is an international spiritual teacher and guide. His teaching and service regularly take him to India, Bali, Europe and Hong Kong. Yvonne is a creationist and spiritual guide from Hong Kong, her teaching and service is focused on spiritual empowerment and uniting all hearts into the one heart. The vocal transmissions through sounding tones, light language and singing by Anaan and Yvonne are filled with multi-dimensional quantum frequencies from the infinite universe. Sacred sounds bypass the mind and allow participants to deepen the connection to the inner sanctuary of their sacred heart creating an expansion of their subtle energetic body. During this relaxed and heightened state of awareness, Anaan and Yvonne will further facilitate multi-dimensional transmissions from their Presence and channeling from the Higher Realms frequencies for deep healings, inner journeys and activations to take place for participants. Do also refer to Anaan’s and Yvonne’s bios.

2020 is a year of growth and mastery, it is also a year of great reset for Morther Earth and humanity. With the worldwide pandemic, humanity has been tested during these times to adapt, to stay centered in light, to empower themselves and others through love, to claim their sovereingty despite the restrictions, and step up as Ascended Masters and Co-Creators. The equinox not only welcomes autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, it is also the vernal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, there is always a rebalancing at the this time to support the completion of old journeys, and to allow new openings and birthing of expanded energies. Allow yourself to ride on the energy influx through sacred sounds that will re-calibrate your energetic bodies so that you may experience a loving expansion and ascension filled with ease, grace, and oneness as we enter Libra, the sign of balance. The duo collaborating for 2 years now, will further weave their sounds together to support waves of cosmic love to be experienced on Earth in support of all life to come into greater harmony with one another.

We look forward to an evening of sacred sounds with you.

With all our love,

Yvonne & Anaan

Testimonials from previous Sounds of the Universe: 

It’s like you were helping us to clean all the obstacles and barriers between us and the universe, both conscious and physical. We were gently guided and protected by your tender voices and sounds of the crystal balls. Nothing from this earth life does exist and matter anymore. No desires, no greed, no expectation. All emotions once belonging to human beings disappeared. Only the universe left. The infinite, timeless, encompassing universe. And our being. Pure and innocent state of being. No past, no future. No clinging to any objects. We are one. ~ KX

I can fully relax and let the sounds guide me go into meditation. I felt the power of the universe which I believe I have to let go of my fears and follow my heart to pursue what my higher self guides me to achieve. It was relaxing and comfortable after the meditation. ~ SL

Such a wonderful, beautiful experience!!! Thank you so much for the invite and for curating the evening. Felt very blessed to attend. ~ RH

Very very relaxing and inspirational. We all enjoyed. ~ PL

Today I saw my osteopath and he said my energy is really strong and that what called his attention was my crown chakra really open and connecting with the universe. I told him about your sacred sounds session and the effect it had on me. It matches his findings! ~ CR

Thank you, Yvonne. I found it very beautiful and grounding. I was surprised by the grounding feeling as other sound healing I need to bring myself back to my body. Your voice was angelic and it was a privilege to be there and I feel so grateful to have your beautiful soul nearby. ~ AR

It was very relaxing and could feel the energy currents running through my body. I could hear Anaan’s overtones also. ~ GS

Event Summary: 

Date: 22nd September 2020 (Tuesday)

Time: 1 hour from Hong Kong 8pm, London 1pm, or check your time zone here

Format: Online via Zoom and the recording is also available, to receive the recording indicate via the registration or else email

Energy Exchange: US$22 or HKD171.60 equivalent to HSBC Payme @91304419

Registration: essential via eventbrite link

Notes: You are welcome to sit up or lie down to receive the sacred sounds. Please join the zoom meeting 5 minutes before hand to settle in.


Yvonne Yjemani Li is a modern day catalyst, guide, healer and creationist from Hong Kong. For the last 3 years, Yvonne has been working closely with the enlightened realms, sharing knowledge and co-creating with the higher realms on self-mastery, consciousness, and oneness via writings, teachings, and workshops, as well as providing multi-dimensional energy healing and sacred sounds. She has also collaborated and performed with Grammy-award winning musicians and Anaan on sacred sound journeys, and also consciously channels her unique essence of divine love and harmonious flow into her creations. Yvonne has been actively involved in her mission work, with seeding and facilitating the #beloveHK movement, Earth Command, Love Transformation Ceremonies and One Heart meditations regionally and on a planetary level.

Anaan Ysmael Kumara is a French spiritual guide, international teacher, and the Divine University’s ambassador for Europe and Asia. For the past 14 years, he is living in direct contact with the Enlightened Masters bringing teachings, workshops, retreats, training and sacred sounds healing sessions to numerous groups and individuals all around the world. He is recognized as the “Keeper of Celestial Heart Gateways of Sound". In service to humanity, his mission is to guide all souls coming onto their sacred path to re-open, liberate and expand their infinite heart, and consciousness on this path of illumination. In service to Gaia, he is seeding divine enlightened frequencies to open and activate sacred sites and portals while also facilitating worldwide pilgrimages. This year for the first time, he is coming to Hong-Kong to introduce himself to you as a new Divine University’s International teacher, as the Divine University’s ambassador for Europe and Asia, as well as a sacred portal activator.