Special Event 1st Dec: Be Love Festival

Love, Harmony & Community in Action

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Be Love Festival

1st Dec 2019, 10AM-530PM @Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

Add paragraph text Over the last few months and in response to months of conflict that have seen individuals and communities polarised, I have been collaborating with many loving souls to organise a BE LOVE Festival for Hong Kong. A group of healing center owners, spiritual practitioners, and other enthusiasts are coming together to embody the consciousness of co-creation so that the wider community may in the future move forward despite having different views. This is in support of Hong Kong, but also the global community to move forward whilst honoring each other's views.

The co-creation energy that I speak of, is co-creating with Spirit, co-creating with one another, and co-creating with the audience. We have put aside our personalities, previous experiences, and views, and invited Spirit to guide us on the festival blueprint design down to the details of how operations might support the event.

With a community of 80+ souls, not only has there been overwhelming love to be of service to Hong Kong but our collaboration has flowed beautifully since it is Spirit is guiding and since we honor each other's truth and gifts. Together, our co-creation is further anchoring the consciousness of love, light, peace, purity, hope, balance, flow, light, empowerment, blessings, divinity, and oneness. I am proud to share that in our group, involving facilitators and angels from age 8 all the way up to age 74, also covers over 20 nationalities!

We are also looking forward to co-creating with the audience on the day of the festival. As we let go of all that no longer serves us and fill our cup with love, we can then share our love with the wider community with positive intentions.

  • Sunday, 1st December 2019, 10AM - 5:30PM,
  • Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Lawn Area, Sai Ying Pun,
  • FREE, from our hearts to yours,
  • Open to the general public, we welcome persons of all ages, backgrounds, and views,
  • Program activities include meditations, mindfulness, art, sound, and movement.
  • Refer to www.belovehk.com or link for the schedule, programs, and info of our co-creators. 

As we come together in love, harmony, and community, we are taking action to move forward, re-create connection to one another and assist in the rebuilding of Hong Kong. We invite all of you, no matter your views to join us and BE LOVE.

May this festival not only uplift people but also inspire a movement, in Hong Kong #beloveHK #就係愛香港, and beyond where there will be a growing community that resonates to the fundamental essence of our humanity and our connection to each other and the world, that which is LOVE.

All my love, Yvonne
The original spark for #beloveHKhere.

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