Special Event 21st Mar: Sounds of the Universe

An Immersive Sacred Sounds Journey with infused with the equinox energies

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Special Event: Sounds of the Universe

21st March 2019, 730PM - 900PM @DanzStage

I invite you to join me Yvonne Yjemani Li and Anaan Ysmael Kumara, and Anya Wu for a beautiful evening of sacred sounds. The “Sounds of the Universe” will transport participants on an immersive journey of sacred sounds and multi-dimensional frequencies infused with energies from the spring equinox.

Originally from France, Anaan is an international spiritual teacher and guide. His enlightened teaching and service regularly take him to India, Bali, Europe and most recently Hong Kong. Yvonne is a spiritual teacher and guide from Hong Kong, she is focused on expanding the regional consciousness and uniting all hearts into the one heart. The vocal transmissions through sounding tones, light language and singing by Anaan and Yvonne are filled with multi-dimensional quantum frequencies from the infinite universe. Anya is a crystal bowls artist from Shanghai originating from the US, she plays the crystal singing bowls that inspires angelic frequencies. Together, the trio is weaving their sounds to co-create an original program for a wonderful night of sacred ceremony and deep healing meditation. Please refer below for their bios.

Sacred sounds come from enlightened realms, the varying frequencies and vibrations of the universe, each resonating with different parts of the physical body and subtle body for the purpose of purification, healing, activation, and expansion.” 

A meditative experience you will not want to miss. Sacred sounds and crystal singing bowls bypass the mind and allow participants to deepen the connection to the inner sanctuary of their sacred heart creating an expansion of their subtle energetic body. During this heightened and relaxed state of awareness, Anaan and Yvonne will further facilitate multi-dimensional transmissions from their Presence to create deep healings and inner journeys to take place. As you surrender in total relaxation and while being lovingly held in this sacred space, you will be able to reconnect to the stillness within and the most sacred part your eternal heart that is, in essence, the beingness of love, peace, and oneness.

Gaia is experiencing massive upgrades, and the solar waves coming to earth this year is perpetually increasing in intensity to enhance our sacred connection and support our growth. Meanwhile, the equinox not only welcomes a new Spring and new openings, but the birthing of newly expanded energies will also take place. The coming equinox cojoins with the super full moon and the third set of 3-3-3 as a rare alignment that you don't want to miss. The powerful energies coming from the heart of the galaxy, will raise Gaia's vibrations to assist her to shift fully into 5D, while illuminating all beings and enlightening all lower consciousness.

At the Creator level, all creations begin with divine intentions from the Infinite Mind, it is then activated with Sound, thereafter Sacred Geometry, and then Light frequencies. With the potpourri of energies from the equinox + full moon + 3x3s with sound, you may want to energise your intentions, ideas and projects for the new year with Sound and Light over these few days of the equinox portal. We will be drawing on these energies for the event "Sounds of the Universe" taking place in Hong Kong on the 21st, where all three - sound, sacred geometry and light frequencies will combine to amplify new intentions. For those cannot make it, a recording of the sacred sounds journey will be available for purchase. Allow yourself to ride on the energy influx through a sacred sounds healing ceremony that will re-calibrate your energetic bodies so that you may experience a loving expansion filled with ease, grace, and oneness.

All our love,

Yvonne, Anaan and Anya

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  •  Early Price $320 (till end of 9th Mar), Full Price $350 (till 4pm 21st Mar), Door $380. 
  • Tickets available from Eventbrite, click here
  • Space is limited. Seating is general (unreserved).
  • Doors open at 7:15 pm and the performance will promptly start at 7:30 pm. To avoid any disruption and doors will be locked after this time, the last entry will be at 7:25 pm.
  • The video or audio recording will be available after the event, you can purchase through here
  • Any inquiries, please email infinity999@zoho.com.

Yvonne Yjemani Li is a multi-dimensional being from Hong Kong - a spiritual guide, teacher, healer, and artist in the modern-day world. Yvonne has held a number of industry and professional roles prior to her spiritual service. Through her pioneering work in social innovation and impact investing, she was able to pinpoint the needs of the nascent long-term care industry and create a community of industry leaders through sharing best practices in China. A healthcare industry professional serving as a consultant to key governments in Greater China and international development agencies, she has influenced major policies and designs projects that support higher quality, holistic development and innovation of the healthcare industry. For the past 20 years, Yvonne has also pursued her philosophical, spiritual and holistic practices, learning from enlightened masters, and many leading teachers around the world in a variety of modalities enabling integration of the best-of-class practices which advances one’s spiritual growth and mastery. For the last 2 years, she has been working closely with the enlightened realms, sharing knowledge and co-creating with the higher realms on self-mastery, consciousness, and oneness via writings, teachings, and workshops, as well as providing multi-dimensional energy healing. Yvonne has also collaborated and performed with Grammy-award winning musicians on sacred sound journeys, and also consciously channels her unique essence of divine love and harmonious flow into her creative artwork.


Anaan Ysmael Kumara is a French spiritual guide, international teacher, and the Divine University’s ambassador for Europe and Asia. For the past 14 years, he is living in direct contact with the Enlightened Masters bringing teachings, workshops, retreats, training and sacred sounds healing sessions to numerous groups and individuals all around the world. He is recognized as the “Keeper of Celestial Heart Gateways of Sound". In service to humanity, his mission is to guide all souls coming onto their sacred path to re-open, liberate and expand their infinite heart, and consciousness on this path of illumination. In service to Gaia, he is seeding divine enlightened frequencies to open and activate sacred sites and portals while also facilitating worldwide pilgrimages. This year for the first time, he is coming to Hong-Kong to introduce himself to you as a new Divine University’s International teacher, as the Divine University’s ambassador for Europe and Asia, as well as a sacred portal activator.


Anya Wu was born in Taiwan, but grew up in New York and music has always been part of her life. Her musical interests led her to film acting where she signed with Golden Harvest in Hong Kong. In her acting career, she was well known across Asia playing many leading roles in many action films. However, having a tough childhood, being alone with cultural differences in a very complex industry in Asia, she started to feel the need to seek out teachers and methods that would help her grow internally and spiritually. Over the last 10 years, she has been immersed in learning from teachers from all over the world and is certified in many alternative energetic healing systems. Anya also founded Eartheart in Shanghai, a platform that provides teachers, healers, and products that assist people in empowering themselves and living life to their fullest potential. Her own personal love for music and her spiritual learning converged and connected her to crystal bowls, a powerful relic/instrument in which the crystal elements and the frequencies of the bowls combined can relax, heal, and enhance the body, mind, and Spirit on many levels. With the bowls, she has finally found her calling in music and has developed her own unique methods and style. Combining her talent as a musician and her spiritual knowledge, in her performances she engages and connects deeply with her audience, Anya feels their emotions with intentional playing. Anya is also consciously working with her husband, a 78th direct descendant of Confucius, to spread the Confucious teachings and ancient Chinese philosophy to the world.