Stepping into your Creator Nature Workshop on 15 Aug 20

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Beautiful wisdom reflected by Ananjan after the workshop.

"Today I was assisted by my christed higher self. The project was my own being, being the creator self being! Source is not concerned with what project I create. That is part of free choice and is a gift to source from incarnation. Source is concerned with the mastery of creation within any project, being the source light in creation, tenets being divine plan, universal creation principles and laws and co-creation. In the physical realm the master co-creator is Mother Earth, so physical projects are to be in cocreation with Mother Earth. Also this creation is about enjoyment magic ease and least effort, like being a divine touchstone! Blessed Be. Gratitude." ~ Ananjan Mitter

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All our love, Yvonne

Online Workshop

Stepping into your Creator Nature

15th August 2020, Sydney 4pm, Hong Kong 2PM, London 7AM, Online via Zoom

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This is a workshop to assist all initiates to step into their creative nature to express the full divinity of their being as creator, co-creating with others a shared future, one that serves your soul journey and one that also serves the New Earth. In this great year of reset, we are inviting and encouraging all to step into their sovereignty, to step into their empowerment, to commune with your heart guidance to effect the alchemical creation from the spiritual planes to the physical planes. It is now time to let go of the old paradigm, to not give your power away to the fears and limitations that hold you back and instead sieze the present moment to create the life that brings you joy and serves your growth.

The workshop will consist of two parts. The first part will consist of attunements, healing and meeting parts of your being that are preventing you from stepping forward. We will be dissolving the old beliefs and fears that are limting you, old conditioning and beliefs that you are not capable and creating for you to feel stagnant. There will be re-calibration and energy attunements for your being, the parts that are stuck may include your aspects, and your inner child so that they may be in line with the Law of One and the Law of Creation. In the second part of the workshop we will be journeying into the Temples of Creation held in the Christ consciousness planes. In these temples we will be communing with the Creator, with the creator part of your being to faciltiate heart dreaming, and to facilitate a clearer understanding of your path, your gifts, and to activate the creative nature that exists within you. With the clarity, you shall be assisted to bring these manifestations with the flow of the emerald rays, touched and blessed by Source so that the highest grace and blessings may support the potentiality of coming into reality.

You are meant to live joyful and fulfilling lives, and when your heart and soul sings the songs of creation, great abundance, grace and blessings come to you. A natural elevation of your consciousness as you allow your creative nature to flow, the higher vibrations and being in alignment to the essence of your being, to the creator nature of your divinity. We call upon all those who hear this heart call to receive empowerment to the next stage, for we will be manifesting and co-creating these possibilities, to support you creations and your future.

We are the Elohim Council, and we are the creator beings that support Mother and Father God to express creations throughout all space and dimension. The workshop will also be supported by the Christ Council of Shamballa. We look forward to coming with you on the inner planes and sharing the process of alchemical creation.

We love you, and we say namaste.

Elohim Council

Message and Workshop facilitatied by Yvonne Yjemani Li

Workshop Details

Date: 15th August 2020

Time: Sydney 4pm - 8pm, Hong Kong 2pm – 6pm, London 7am - 11am

Format: Live webinar via zoom or listen to recordings after

Energy Exchange: HK$999  PayPal or HSBC Payme to +852 91304419

Registration: eventbrite link or send email to 

Facilitator Bio 

Yvonne Yjemani Li is a multi-dimensional being - a spiritual guide, catalyst, and creationist in the modern-day world. From Yvonne’s heart to her travels to the infinite universe, it has activated a remembrance of her Soul's gifts and planetary mission. Combining the heart of the healer, a creation scientist and the enlightened mind, Yvonne is a multi-dimensional combination of love and light that opens doors for others so that they may access greater love, consciousness, gift of flow, and harmonic balance through Source energy. For the last 3 years Yvonne has been co-creating with the enlightened realms, sharing insights on self-mastery, super-consciousness and oneness via writings, private sessions, group workshops and channeling universal healing from multi-dimensional realms. She has also collaborated and performed with grammy-award winning musicians and sound healers on sacred sound journeys, as well as consciously channels her unique frequency of divine love, consciousness, and essence into her creative artwork. Refer to Yvonne’s website at and #beloveHK movement that she also founded at

“Holding you deeply in my heart, it is my honor to facilitate your spiritual evolution and mastery, the remembrance of your divine creative nature.” ~ Yvonne Yjemani Li