The Energy of Commitment

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Commitment to your self-mastery reflects a way of life, where experiences are simply part of a continuous journey of self-actualisations and transcendence. You are more than just your personality and not led astray by roaming thoughts, emotions are simply sign-posts of your soul signalling how aligned you are with your purpose. Rather than play dwell on feelings of angst or other forms of limited views are judgments on what you ought to do and how your path should unfold, instead honour the progress that you have made and the challenges you have experienced as necessary lessons for your journey.

"Commitment to your self-mastery reflects a state of balance, of being at peace in the void and being at One with All that is simultaneously.​"

Commitment to Spirit acknowledges the divine essence within you and the acceptance of All that is. You live in a sea of divine energy, commitment to Spirit allows such divine energies into your daily life, to work with you and through you.

The energy of commitment is neutral, accepting and all encompassing. Commitment to your self-mastery and to Spirit is a state of being divine.