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Violet Flame Pillars

Wales, Place of Peace

With immense gratitude to Marc Maramay, Val Young, Inka, Si and Molly the cat, a violet flame pillar was activated in Wales at the Place of Peace on 4th May 2021 with the assistance of other beloveds tuning in nearby and from home. 

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"The spot that shone out for the Pillar is an open space away from where people are sleeping, near a growing grove of fruit and nut trees. The mountain itself has layers of Quartz and there is quite a network of crystal leylines running through the area. There are also a whole range of crystal formations that have been placed at different areas of the site over the years. 

While digging the hole, I found two Welsh Snow Quartz stones, so that was a nice confirmation about it being on a crystal leyline! There were also other stones, including a couple of the Dragon's Teeth type, so they all later became part of the altar on top. This started with a larger stone from nearby (like a big Dragon's Tooth!) and then became like a stone mosaic - the stones have quite a range of natural colours and crystal types. I cleared a little area of grass around it and planted it with wildflowers that should self-seed over time.

We had a short spell of sunshine for the actual Activation. It had been quite rainy and muddy as you can see from the photos. We all felt a huge whoosh of energy and Light - Val felt a kind of shudder going through her too. I went back a little later to make the altar on top, with an alignment North-South and East-West. Just as I finished it, there was a shower of rain and crystal hail - and a rainbow appeared, so that felt like good timing. And later that night, I came back to the spot since it was very starry and clear. As I stood there, a shooting star flew over from East to West!"  ~ Marc Maramay & Val Young

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Devon, England

With immense gratitude to Ashana Sheehan for the Violet Flame Pillar Activation in Longtimber Woods in Devon, England on 25 October 2021. 

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"The Longtimber Woods in Devon is along the Mary Michael Pilgrims Way route from Cornwall to St. Michael's Mount. 

I am so grateful it was a relatively smooth process yesterday. 

The area I have been guided to bury the crystal is along the Erme River, the second fast flowing river in UK, and where not far away from a busy route for families taking their dogs for a walk. I am very grateful for the peace and quiet I had the entire time. I am also deeply grateful that in each visit rain stopped until I had to leave. Despite the weather forecast indicated random heavy rain yesterday, it turn out was a beautiful sunny day during and after the preparation and activation. 

In the fist visit I dig into a big rock, the second time I dig and hit big trees roots, I am so grateful that yesterday the digging was straight forward and the land was relatively well drained after all the rains. So much to be grateful for. 

May all beings receive the blessings from the light grid connecting different part of the world, all in Grace and Ease! " ~ Ashana Sheehan

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