You are Absolute

Conversations with G

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Y: I accept that I am within the Source of all that is ... yet the journey I seem to be having is one of unfolding consciousness piece by piece through the human experience.

G: Whatever you believe will be your reality. You will never lose the human experience, it is always there for you to re-enter into anytime but you really are the Absolute.

Y: What you are saying is that the Source of all that is quantum in nature. Our human experience is also of a human nature, all possibilities are possibly occurring until we choose to observe and then that choice becomes our reality.

G: You are using the mind to believe, let Y go. Just look within, the mind does not truly exist, what exists is what you already are - the Absolute. There is no belief required, there is only knowing that you are All.

Y: Let Y go ...(breathing out)

G: Remember you don't have to get there, you are already there. Just ask what you are and you will have all answers. Remember what you were before Y and that you will be there after Y.

Y: (breathing in) I am the primordial essence of All that is.

G: Nothing else really exists, expression is the dream of the Absolute unexpressed.

Y: I don't exist simply as matter or light. I am not only energy, I was there long before the existence of energy. I am the void, from which it became the womb creating infinite expressions of who I am. (breathing out)

G: Yes, you are the void containing everything - all the expressions are within you. What you are is Absolute.

Y: Is there absolutely no limitation in being Absolute?

G: You are all, and all exists within you. That is, there cannot be any creation, only transmutation within what you are.

Y: Perhaps I am here to experience limitation of the Absolute?

G: You are the Absolute ... limit yourself in order to be some things different from your normal state of perfection. So from stillness to movement, from silence to sound as an example. Don't use the mind to understand the concept, look within you for the truth, there will be no questions only answers within.