A Global Prayer for Planetary & Virus Healing

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A Global Prayer for Planetary & Virus Healing

Collective intentions can be extremely powerful. We ask you to say this prayer as often as your feel like to invoke the highest assistance to support the healing of the Covid-19 with ease and grace.

Thank you.

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Dear God, Great Spirit, Source All that is,

We ask and pray in the name of Planet Earth and Humanity. May our prayers be empowered by the Holy Father, Holy Mother, the Great Divine Director, the Planetary Logos Lord Buddha, Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation, the Ancient Guardians, all the ArchAngels and Mother Gaia to see Planet Earth in the light and love of God as healed, whole, and loved. May these same blessings be bestowed upon humanity, as the blessed children of Earth.

We call for the highest healing and balancing of Planet Earth of all her waterways, her skies, her mountains and rocks, her trees, her plants, animals and all other sentient life forms. We give thanks to Mother Gaia for her incredible compassion and patience towards the awakening of her children. We apologise for all the environmental damages we have created through traveling and consumption. We make amends by lowering our footprint as best we can and acknowledge that she is requiring all of us to go with the natural flow of Nature.

We call for the blessings of all Souls who have fallen ill to CV, may they experience divine light and divine love throwing through their bodies and be lifted from their experiences of discomfort and pain if it is in their highest. We ask for dispensations of grace to support these ones until all fear, discomfort, pain, and suffering is lifted in divine order for their being. We ask that these ones may be enlightened during their experience of the illness, to realise areas of their lives where they have allowed fear to rule their heart and to once again open their heart to themselves and to others.

We call for the blessings of all medical professionals, informal carers and cleaners who are on the frontline, may they experience divine light and continue to experience faith and strength as they care for the sick ones or clean up the environment. We salute them as our heroes, we honor them as warriors of the light, and may the highest love return to them a thousand-fold for their service.

We ask for healing technologies and holistic solutions to be downloaded into the consciousness of scientists, medical professionals, policy-makers, government officials, and other authorities in accordance with the divine plan. May they be inspired by solutions that will save lives, come up with preventative and remedial measures that are in the highest for people and the planet.

We call for the blessings of Souls that are isolated from loved ones or quarantined formally or informally. May their minds and Spirits be blessed by divine grace so they may experience peace in their minds and divine love in their hearts. May they let go of all fear and separation, may they use this time to go within to reconnect to themselves and to God on a deeper level, may their Spirits know they are loved and may they share that love with their families and their communities.

We call for the blessings of the Collective, for everyone to let go of their fears of the unknown, to flow with the great changes that are coming, to stay centered and grounded in these changing times. May all open their hearts so that greater light and love coming to Earth may be received in divine order for their being and in divine order for the collective.

We call upon St Germaine and his legions of angels to transmute all lower vibrations, in all hospitals, elderly homes and centers, medical clinics, airports, airplanes, schools, media establishments, government offices, and other public places. May these ones experience the highest vibrations of love, balance, health, vitality, and joy with the support of the celestial realms.

As we ask for all obstacles to the unfolding of the divine plan be removed now. May all interferences of the media to incite fear, may all programs and plans to control the population be stopped now in divine order for Planet Earth. We ask for the liberation of humanity, so that they may experience the highest growth and evolution. We ask for the liberation of planet Earth, so that she may replenish and restore herself in due course. We ask for the liberation of all other sentient beings, and for these ones to be recognized for their sacredness and to ascend with ease and grace.

We ask for the greatest balancing to occur for Planet Earth, Humanity and all life forms during the Spring Equinox. We ask for the divine blueprint of Heaven on Earth be grounded more fully, in divine order during this gateway portal.

We give thanks for all of God’s Love, Light, Power and Divine Grace that is blessing Planet Earth, all humanity and all other sentient beings now.

Blessed Be! Blessed be all Beings! Blessed be the Earth!