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A Lotus Mind

A simple technique to help you release the thoughts or consciousness that persist while you are meditating is to imagine or visualise a pink or golden lotus flower in your mind at the back of your third eye. Breathing into your beautiful mind, and breathing into the lotus flower helps you to experience peace, stillness and a deeper surrendering of your consciousness. This was shared by Lord Buddha at a recent meditation in cultivating a buddhic mind and spiritual enlightenment. 

Lord Lantos shared in another meditation that Lord Buddha's mind was a golden lotus with a thousand petals opened, as well as his heart. Opening the petals of the heart and opening the petals of the mind encourages the embodiment of compassionate wisdom. The equal activation and balance of one's intelligence (light) and heart (love) is what ignites our power through our Divine Presence. 

Do experiment with this, we would love to hear any heart sharing of your experiences. 

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