New Earth Creation Energies

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New Earth Creation Energies 

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 There is an acceleration of energies in the New Earth. It creates for an awakening of consciousness and mass ascension of humanity. It may even seem at times that there are opposing experiences, a love-based reality and a fear-based reality. We can observe all realities playing out, and experience all realities from a place of non-duality and loving awareness. 

If you are affected by others or by outside circumstances, it is an opportunity to look at the disharmonies reflected from the situation and work with the unresolved beliefs and fears that are holding you back. Will you choose to think, speak and act with Love? Can you see every situation with Light, will you be a pillar of Light in all circumstances? Can you be in your Presence, see the Spirit of God and reflect God to all whom you come across? 

The New Earth energies will continue to ignite the divine truth within every Soul, the universal truth is that we are all divine, powerful and exist in oneness with all creation. When the disharmonies are resolved and your Love-Light field opens fully to Spirit, you are co-creating your reality with the New Earth energies that supports the experience of the golden age for all.