A Prayer for Losing a Loved One to Suicide and for Those with Suicide Energies

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A Prayer for Losing a Loved One to Suicide and for Those with Suicide Energies

Wrapping our heart flames around these ones, we humbly pray.

Dear Mother / Father God, Great Spirit, All that is,

We pray and ask for the highest divine assistance for all souls who has taken their lives and and the softest love from the Angels to bless and cocoon their souls to support their sudden departure from the earthly realm. Please assist this beloved Soul to heal from the pain of leaving their family, and alleviate their Soul from all the wounding and suffering that they experienced in her earthly life. Please assist these beloved souls to open their heart once again to the Holy Mother and the Angels, may these souls forgive themselves for leaving behind their family and for all the misgivings that they experienced to create for them to have no faith, and give up hope. May their Guardian Angels, Angels of Love, Angels of Faith, Angels of Hope, Angels of Compassion, and the Angels of Peace help these beloved souls to see the divinity in themselves once again, to remember their Angelic nature, and to open to God’s love and grace once again.

Holy Mother, please assist these beloved souls and all parts of their Spirit to heal from all the trauma, and from any fear and discordant energies that created for them to be affected in their life choice. If these souls was affected by astral energies or dark aspects while living, may the Archangels please sever any energetic cords, and attachments, and lift all programs and implants that may have influenced their soul negatively. Please support these beloved souls to reclaim all parts of their soul, and for all soul fragments that are not their to be released into the light. We call upon St Germaine and Lady Nada to bring the violet flame of transmutation to liberate their Spirit and subtle body of all the unconscious and conscious fears around hope, faith, sudden death and leaving behind loved ones so that their Souls may come back to innocence, purity and love. Holy Mother and the Angels of Healing, please place these beloved souls in a continuous divine healing program so that their Spirit may heal and integrate all energies, assistance and learning in divine order for their being.

We also ask for cocoons of love and divine assistance to support their kids, their partners and their family who are grieving for their loss. Please hold their families steadfast with love, faith, acceptance and resilience as they come to terms with these soul's choice and passing. We ask that their kids and partners be placed in a divine assistance program by the Angels and the Holy Mother, and be supported by the many Angels of Faith, and Angels of Love for as long as is necessary till they accept and recover from the loss, pain and grief. 👐🏼 👐🏼

Please also include all persons who are holding the energy / consciousness of suicide within their being presently to also receive the highest divine assistance to alleviate all thought patterns, unconscious beliefs and fears related to lack of faith, hopelessness, and lack of purpose to their existence. We call upon the Angels, Archangels, St Germaine and AA Michael to support these beloved souls to connect to their divine truth, love and compassion, and be free from related energetic imprints and consciousness, dark influences, and heal from all the pain and suffering they are presently experiencing if it is in the highest and in accordance with the Divine Plan. Please support these beloved souls to open their hearts to the Holy Mother, the Angels and their loved ones who is holding them in unconditional love, and awaken to their divine nature as a beloved child of God.May this prayer be magnified to every corner of the world until every soul who have these tendencies feel safe, feel love, experience empowerment, and has faith to move forward as it is God's will. And may the blessings of God's grace, peace and harmony support these beloveds to have the highest earthly experience that the Holy Spirit and Soul offers them.

May all obstacles to this be now removed, as it is God’s will. God’s will is done, God’s will is grace, blessed it be all beings.

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