An Immersive Dialogue on 12Dec: Embracing Oneness

Reflect and deepen your connection to Oneness.

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An Immersive Dialogue

Embracing Oneness

12 December 2021 | Sydney 8pm, Hong Kong 5pm, London 9am

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Event Description

Blessings Dear Ones, 

We are delighted to invite you to a special event with Yjemani Kaala Raphael and Gabriele Boschi on the 12th December. During the Embracing Oneness dialogue, Yjemani and Gabriele will be sharing on Oneness from their spiritual experience and journey of self-actualisation. 

Yjemani and Gabriele met in Singapore many years ago, and through the years have shared their spiritual experiences with one another inspiring shifts, reflections and realisations. As two individuals on their unique spiritual path experienced higher states of consciousness and Oneness with all life, they will share unique insights and reflections that may support you to Embrace Oneness and awaken to your true nature. 

Join us for this immersive dialogue to reflect and deepen your connection to Oneness. 

In Love and Oneness, 

Yjemani & Gabriele

Event Details

Date: 12 December 2021

Time: Sydney 8pm, Hong Kong 5pm, London 10am (75 mins) 

Format: Live Webinar via Zoom

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From Yjemani's heart to her travels to the infinite universe, it has activated a remembrance of her soul's gifts, multi-dimensional nature and divine mission as an inter-dimensional channel sharing Source info. Yjemani Kaala Raphael is a spiritual catalyst, guide, alchemist and creationist co-creating with the Family of Light the New Earth. As a multi-dimensional combination of love, light and creation that opens doors for other beloveds so they may access greater love, consciousness, divinity, creativity and harmonic flow. In Presence, Yjemani co-creates with the enlightened realms of Creator Source, sharing insights, sacred sounds, channels teachings, and universal healing from Presence and the Family of Light, in private sessions, group meditations, workshops and sacred group missions. She has also collaborated and performed with musicians and sound healers on sacred sound journeys, as well as consciously shares her unique frequency of divine love, light and essence into her creations. Refer to Yjemani's work and path of service at

Gabriele Boschi born in Bologna Italy spend his first years  there and moved to Asia in the Philippines at the age of 19,  there he eventually got married, had children, built a successful business with 38 retail stores, and managed to sell the company at the age of 46 for an early retirement. At the age of 15, Gabriele experienced a spiritual opening from within that allowed him to see all the knowledge of the Universe. After 3 days locked in his room, he took the decision to set the knowledge aside and close 100 doors in his mind in order to live a normal human experience. The doors started re-opening eventually at the age of 42, Gabriele gained the ability to talk and interact with past souls, the awareness expanded in the following years with periodic revelations allowing the truth about the Self, and Absolute Void to be revealed.