Co-Creative Ceremony on 4Dec: Dreaming Love, Balance & Empowerment

Calling Earth Guardians to join in a Sacred Ceremony during the New Moon Solar Eclipse

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Co-Creative Ceremony for Earth Guardians

Dreaming Love, Balance & Empowerment 

4 December 2021 | Sydney 6pm, Hong Kong 3pm, London 7am 

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Event Description

Uluru holds empowerment and creation codes for the whole planet, we will journey together in a sacred circle and begin with prayers and dispensations to  support the Aboriginal people in Australia, to all Australians, offer the blessings to all beings as we are all indigenous to Mother Earth in our humanity. 

We are being called to support indigenous people and our fellow humanity worldwide, standing with them in oneness, equality, grace, peace, and unity. The new moon full solar eclipse on the 4th December is a divine opportunity to come together to reconcile, and balance past deeds of non-protection of any being. Through the blessing and ignition of compassion, courage, wisdom and empowerment creates the inner unification of our collective Spirit. Instead of separation, let us stand together for Humanity is One race. 

Higher octaves of divine support, blessings and dispensations will be brought through Uluru, latent genetic codexes through the God Presences of the indigenous people will allow for graceful transmutation of the effects of all that is disharmonious for all 12 bodies of the human body. In addition, these blessings will also create a bridge for all beings to receive this support. Through the template of sovereignty that is the ignited through this sacred portal, it will support the collective consciousness of humanity to awaken to their sovereignty, to support a powerful turnaround and transformation of the current circumstances. 

There will be additional blessings and dispensations to bring support to the collective to liberate from control and segregation, forgiveness for any past oppression and environmental degradation, healing dispensations for the physical and subtle body, empowerment of the human spirit and divine feminine, and igniting the love, respect, compassion, grace, faith light, unity and divinity so that Australians and particularly indigenous Aboriginals may continue to dream into creation beauty, harmony, peace, unity consciousness, Christ consciousness, and divine creation as the co-creators and guardians of the New Earth with the Divine Mother Portal of Creation as this all  ultimately benefit all beings. 

We call to all guardians that care for the Earth to join in this co-creative ceremony. 

Love from the One Heart, 

Yjemani, Amakelia, Kaliana, & Illumina 

In collaboration with the Family of Light 

Event Details 

Date: 4 December 2021

Time: Sydney 6pm, Hong Kong 3pm, London 7am (2 hours)

Connection: Live Webinar via Zoom or else via Recording 

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Notes: please join the meeting 5 minutes before so that we can get started, as the opening coincides with the start of solar eclipse


Yjemani Kaala Raphael is a spiritual guide, creationist, alchemist and catalyst in the modern day world. A multi-dimensional combination of love, light and creation that opens doors for other beloveds so they may access greater love, consciousness, divinity, creativity and harmonic flow. In Presence, Yjemani co-creates with the enlightened realms of Creator Source, sharing insights, sacred sounds, channels  her Presence and the Family of Light from the One Heart and Universal Healing in private sessions, group meditations, workshops and group missions. Refer to Yjemani's work and path of service at

Amakelia Zje’vara Kumara has a deep love of transformation and growth and loves to empower others to move more into their experience of divine connection and wholeness, to experience more of their consciousness and access their gifts and mastery in a deeper way. She works with the higher spiritual realms to support others through her gifts of Seership, Akashic Record Keeper and as a Divine Channel of ceremonies, healing, teaching, channeling ascended beings from the Holy Mother to Enlightened Masters. 

Kaliana Raphael Rose brings over 30 years experience as an international workshop facilitator, presenter, vibrational healer and singer. She facilitates workshops on Sacred Union, The Empowerment of the Divine Feminine and DNA Activation of the Endocrine/Hormonal System. She has authored 5 books and 5 sets of sacred codes, a series of vibrational essences and sprays, and produced 2 CD’s of Sacred Music. With her beloved Rama she presents their Sacred Union workshops, in addition to facilitating Vibrational Healing workshops and Women’s Circles for 33 years.

Illumina Christos is a devotee to the enlightenment of the spirit, not only to herself but all of humanity. The path she has grown through and teaches about through her presence’s transmissions is the path of divine relationship. She holds understandings of all forms of relationship from the most intimate to that which we experience with the world around us. Divine Union is possible with all of life and the meeting of every challenge, fleeting or long term, no matter how complex, holds gifts for our advancement from human man or woman, to extraordinary being of Love, Wisdom and Power in our human form. Refer to