At One with Nature

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I have driven down Melbourne's Great Ocean Road a dozen times or so in my life. The sheer magnificience of the natural landscape with the sky, ocean, coastline, rock formations, and mountains is so breath-taking that I typically stop every twenty minutes to take photos and absorb its beauty. On one such trip, I asked my friend who is a devout Catholic from the Phillipines whether it was her God or my God (though I am agnostic) that had created this beauty. She acknowledged that there can only be one Source that created this tremendously beautiful environment.

Following that logic, if all of earth's nature - the plants and animals were created by the same Source then and it follows that humans are also created by the same Source. In that moment of realisation between my friend and I, all beliefs and conditionings of separation between different religions, cultures, age and others categories dissolved. She and I were part of the same oneness because the creation of our earth, the environment, animals, trees, and humans in reality belongs to no silo, entity, or system.

That is the power of being in nature, when we see a breathtaking scenery the typical feelings one gets range from love, awestruck, liveliness, to a profound sense of connection. Unconsciously we are resonating with nature due to the connection we feel towards Gaia and the universe. The universe, the earth, its trees and other creatures vibrates at the frequency of oneness.

"The oneness we connect to while in nature is unity consciousness. At that frequency we become at-one with our heart and with All that is."

Whats more, underpinning unity consciousness is the energy and being in a state of love. That is why people's sense of well-being, their physical body, their mental and emotions improve when they spend time in nature. Attuning our body to the frequency of love is naturally healing. The connection to ourselves naturally opens our heart as we breath in the energy of love from earth and the universe. When our heart opens, we open to the infinite nature of our Spirit that being our Soul, Higher self and Divine presence. Finally when we open to our Spirit, new inspirations, innate gifts gets activated and wisdom from the universe becomes available to us. Spirituality and science of the universe goes hand-in-hand when we are at one with All that is.