The Energy of Attraction, Manifestation and Co-creation

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The mastery of attraction, manifestation and co-creation energies can hugely support your joyful existence, however to master these energies one has to understand their subtle differences and process of realisation.

The energy of attraction requires holding the beliefs of the scenario that you wish to attract. Even without conscious awarness, you are constantly attracting positive and/or negative situations based on the beliefs you hold. The stronger you hold the scenario with fewer negative and conflicting beliefs, the more you empower the magnititude of that reality to you. The reality (the likes of wanting a new item, or a readily available car park space) that you attract, is not necessary part of your Soul's purpose for you are attracting from the point of your personality. When you power your beliefs with emotions and hold that vision with genuine positive feelings such as joy, passion and love, you magnetise that scenario faster into your life. The energy of attraction is processed through your mental, emotional and physical bodies, when the mental and emotional bodies are congruent your physical body will also be aligned so that you attract the desired scenario.

The energy of manifestation is processed through your four bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Your Soul is a core part of your spiritual self, its purpose is to grow from the joyful and challenging experiences during your lifetime. When your beliefs and emotions are aligned with your Soul purpose, manifestation occurs much faster than the energy of attraction since Spirit enjoys nothing more than to support you along that path which you are already pre-disposed to. One has to achieve a certain level of self-mastery over one's throughts and emotions before manifestation takes place. It can be painful if self-limiting beliefs or monkey thoughts take hold unconsiously create the negative experiences all too quickly. Your Soul will help you to manifest that which is for your highest good, should any negative situations occur they are key lessons that your Soul wishes for you to experience and integrate. Ultimately to manifest effortlessly, one has to let go of the attachment of the desired outcome.

Your Soul and Higher self is eager to support you and serve up experiences of joy and abundance that advances your Soul's growth and purpose.

Co-creation is the energy of not only collaboration, but inviting your Soul and Higher self to guide you while having faith and trust in that higher guidance is key to co-creation. If you are drawn to services of a spiritual nature, it is likely your Soul incarnated with a planetary mission through sharing of your wisdom, love and light. When you consciously provide a spiritual service such as teaching a group workshop, individual mentoring to even drawing, the intent to co-create with Spirit is vital though some do actually co-create with Spirit naturally when they openly express their creation from their heart. From the outset, not directing Spirit how "things should be" for this is a command from the personality but instead seek higher guidance from your Higher self. Following through with what is suggested and not placing expectations on the outcome in a manner that is similar to "trusting the universe that all will turn out well" requires letting go and allowing experiences to unfold effortlessly. Co-creation is about shifting your expectations and responsibility from the ego centric-personality to surrendering and collaborating with your spiritual self and Spirit. Accessing through the divine heart, your heart is the doorway which connects you to your innate wisdom and divine guidance.