Blessing 11th May: Sacred Sounds Healing

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Sacred Sounds Healing

11th May 2019 @BodyZen, 730PM - 9PM

We invite you to join Yvonne Yjemani Li for a Sacred Sounds Healing journey on 11th May 2019. Transporting participants with sacred sounds and multi-dimensional frequencies, Yvonne will use vocal transmissions from her Presence and through sounding tones, light language, and singing, participants will receive the necessary frequencies from the enlightened realms of the universe that is specific to the individual and the group.

“Sacred sounds come from the enlightened realms, the varying frequencies and vibrations of the universe, each resonating with different parts of the physical body and subtle body for the purpose of purification, calibration, activation, and expansion.”
During the Sacred Sounds Healing, divine assistance from Yvonne's Presence and the Enlightened ancestral, celestial, galactic and universal realms will support participants to:
* relax into a state of heightened awareness whilst being held and nurtured in divine love,
* deepen one's connection to their inner heart sanctuary and super-consciousness,
* create an expansion of the subtle energetic body that is the highest for you,
* support any energetic blocks and shifts through integration, balancing, and re-calibration,
* activate inner journeys to take place so that the whole being may return to a state of love, peace, and oneness.
Energy Exchange HK$333. Register and payment via emailing or contacting BodyZen @66981392.
For more info & sharings from Yvonne, please visit or follow Yvonne Yjemani Li @FB.
Blessings of divine sound & light,


  "It’s like you were helping us to clean all the obstacles and barriers between us and the universe, both conscious and physical. We were gently guided and protected by your tender voices and sounds of the crystal balls. Nothing from this earth life does exist and matter anymore. No desires, no greed, no expectation. All emotions once belonging to human beings disappeared. Only the universe left. The infinite, timeless, encompassing universe. And our being. Pure and innocent state of being. No past, no future. No clinging to any objects. We are one." ~ Kiya X

"Good venue and atmosphere for meditation. I can fully relax and let the sounds guide me go into meditation. I felt the power of the universe which I believe I have to let go of my fears and follow my heart to pursue what my higher self guides me to achieve. It was relaxing and comfortable after the meditation." ~S