Workshop Series 17th May - 10th Jun: Art & Spirituality

Exploring consciousness and spirituality in the context of art

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Workshop Series: Art & Spirituality

17 May - 10 June 2019

Yvonne Yjemani Li is delighted to facilitate three workshops at Nido Asia in May / June 2019. These workshops will cover a number of spirituality topics in relation to art.

By understanding your energy and therefore consciousness, your Soul and having self-mastery, and creating sacredness in your creations, life can be experienced with love and joy in abundance as well as greater flow and success in all that you do. These qualities empowers you to let of limitations that hold you back, shine with no fear and share your beautiful creative gifts with the world.

1. The Art of Consciousness (17thMay 11am-1pm): understanding consciousness and mastering energy within and around us

2. Creation & Mindfulness (30thMay 1pm-3pm): the intention of sacred space and sacred connection

3. Creative Soul Connection (10thJune 2pm-4pm): accessing the creative core of your being

Specifically, these workshops will take the form of teachings, meditations and energy attunements facilitated by Yvonne in connection with her Presence. Participants can expect:

* Understand the key concepts related to energy as consciousness beyond just the mental thoughts, energy is within you and around you and awareness of energy supports your whole being.

* Understand the key concepts of mindfulness and going beyond mindfulness, self-mastery which advances you on your spiritual path

* The importance of sacred space and connection particularly when it comes to creating art;

* Deepen connection to your Soul which is your connection to the divine, and how to access the creative core of your being;

This workshop is suited for artists and/or spiritual aspirants of all levels. For more information about Yvonne and her offerings, refer to or else visit FB page @cosmicdancetoinfinity.

All workshops are 2 hours. Energy exchange: HK$400 for one workshop, 10% discount if register for all three. To register, contact NidoAsia at 63100316 or else email Yvonne at

Blessings of creation,



* NIDO ASIA - Art is a tree, 2/F 177 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong