Celebrating Freedom

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Celebrating Freedom

The cosmic alignments of lunar eclipse on the 4th July 2020, is where not only the US but the world celebrates the freedom of our individual and collective sovereignty as future Christ or Buddha walking the Earth. This comes from letting go of the illusion of separation and fear, recognising that we are all divine Souls cocreating with other Souls at the microcosm and cocreating with Spirit and our Presence in the macrocosm of All that is. When we allow the Soul, Spirit and Presence to become one, there is a true liberation from all constructs of time, space and dimension. Every moment is a joyful dance in the Now, and every act be it ours or others is sacred and divine

During our meditation on the 4th of July, Freedom Codes for New Earth & Humanity, we received so so many freedom codes and dispensations last night, from personal for all of our subtle bodies, to codes for our ancestral lineages which gets passed on to us, to the collective to lift the programming and technologies that prevents humanity from receiving light, to codes of liberation for the planet clearing the sacred portals of the Earth, and codes for sentient beings. We give thanks to all participants who opened their consciousness to become the sacred pillars to anchor these codes to Earth. If you are interested in the meditation "Freedom for New Earth & Humanity", PM for the recording.

Together we sent the freedom codes to America where its citizens are the representatives of the world in transmuting the issue of race separation, so that all races let go of the identity and remember we are one race the Hu-man race, or the I AM RACE (annaegram by juggling the letters of America). When we let go of the consciousness of separation, with the cultural or race karma being one of the biggest issues that we hold personally and at a collective level it will aid humanity significantly to embody christ consciousness which is also unity consciousness.

The world and especially America is receiving a very large influx of light this weekend, the grace of liberation, the alchemical rays of manifestation and the christ consciousness discs of liberation from the great cental sun Sirius, in cohesion and supported by the many planets aligned with the Sun and Earth in our solar system, and the prenumbral lunar eclipse all colliding on the same day 4th July America's Independence Day.

Let us see all hearts in America ignited with the holy flame, let us see all hearts of humanity ignited with the holy flame for the light and divinity exists within every being. Blessed be the New Earth, blessed be Hu-man-ity, blessed be all beings.