Free Recording: Freedom Codes for New Earth & Humanity

Liberating from the old matrixes and old paradigms

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It was an incredible thorough ceremony, there were many many freedom codes as dispensations for personal, humanity and other realms healing for every occasion and aspect 😁. Massive thanks to @⁨Elzura Kumara⁩ @⁨DU - Ahri Zje’kaan Christos⁩ and @⁨El’elia Jahmika Christos⁩ (for jumping on last minute) for their amazing facilitation and sharing their beautiful gifts. 💗💗💗Giving thanks to all who participated in the planetary service to bring through the codes for humanity. May all beings be free, may all be freed from old paradigms, may all experience their Soul as Christ 💛🙏🌟⚜️

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Participant's Feedback:

"Thank you so much beloved♥️♥️♥️" ~ E, Paris

"Beautiful powerful Love transmissions thx u Beloveds love & gratitude xx" ~ E, Perth

"Thank you, lots of love 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚" ~ S, Geneva

"Blessed it be! Blessed be humanity! Blessed be the birthing of the Golden child! In gratitude for all your beautiful gifts and presences. Lots of love!" ~ A, Hong Kong

Global Meditation

Freedom Codes For New Earth and Humanity

July 4th 2020 Via Zoom Webinar

Hong Kong 9:30pm, London 2:30pm New York 9:30am, Mexico City 8:30am

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We invite all who resonate to come together in sacred circle to activate codes of freedom for the New Earth to support humanity’s ascension to unity consciousness. Currently, the vast majority of the population are stuck in old matrixes and the old paradigms for many have been conditioned and taught from the very first day day they were born how the world is as it appears. The influx of light coming to your planet is unprecedented yet there are many are held so firmly by their strong beliefs, that they are not able to move forward, expand their consciousness or see the interconnectedness of all life.

During the meditation, the codes of freedom will be released from New Earth and activated with the sacred ki’s from Sirius during the meditation. Divine dispensations will also lift the programs that affects the collective consciousness to release humanity from their strong beliefs, to free their minds of old paradigms. As humanity is able to come into more light and liberate from the illusion of separation, all will be empowered to step into their sovereignty as divine beings and come to prosper and co-create with the law of one.

We will be gathering together on the 4th of July which is celebrated as America’s Independence Day. July is the month that is celebrated as a month of liberation and independence in many countries, as this month has always been empowered by its close proximity to Sirius through the yearly celestial alignment within the cosmic dance. This year’s July 4th will align to the prenumbral lunar eclipse which supports the release of illusion and the birthing of new consciousness. This lunar eclipse is also the third of the trinity eclipses gateway and the completion of the series that began at the end of 2019 which has been lifting the collective fear and disempowerment.This is a great event that is in conjunction and follows the solstice new moon solar eclipse on 21st June that released the Christ resurrection codes, for this is ultimately what humanity will evolve to embodying Christ consciousness and walkin as Christ on Earth. Refer to the blog for background info.

We are calling all light emissaries to receive the codes of oneness, codes of manifestation and codes of freedom, and as pillars anchor these codes into the ley lines so that it may be shared across the planet in divine order for all beings. We look forward to co-creating on the inner realms, and celebrating your freedom.

With love,

The Family of Light

Message & meditation facilitated by El’Zura, Ahri and Yjemani


Date: 4th July 2020

Time: Hong Kong 9:30pm, London 2:30pm New York 9:30am, Mexico City 8:30am

Connection: Via Zoom Meeting, details will be sent out upon registration and 2 hours before the meditation.

Facilitators: El’zura Llamael Kumara, Ahri Zje’kaan Christos, Yvonne Yjemani Li

Registration: via eventbrite


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