Death as Rebirth

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Is death the ultimate end?

Perhaps one of the biggest mysteries perpetuated in our world, that we become nothing after death. If death is the final and only curtain for all beings, what is the point of living now or even living well? If there is nothing to look forward to life after death, then why are most people busy over insignificant matters and not making every moment count.

Few contemplate these questions for it might contradict one's scientific theories, evolutionary and religious beliefs. This is one of the more important questions that we can ponder for it gives much deeper purpose to our existence.

The saying "when one door closes, another opens" refers to a new part of you emerging when an old part of you dies. Most people can conceptualise death as rebirth at a philosophical level, but what about the purpose of death in relation to other aspects of our being?

Death of the mental body refers to letting go of the ego, and with that all the judgement and thought patterns that keep you small and disconnected to your divinity.

"When the ego dies, your inner self such as your Soul and Higher Self emanates.​"

Death of the emotional body in the context of death, requires you to relinquish all illusions you hold about death. What if death is something not to be feared, but to be celebrated for it signals the shedding of an old form while the embracing of the next evolutionary journey. Freedom from the fear of death leaves you with feelings of peace and acceptance of all that is.

Death of the Soul is when life lessons are completed, the Soul has transcended and in place your Higher Self. There is no longer any separation to the Divine, you are interconnected to everything within the Creator for you are Absolute can easily dream any reality into existence.

Once you resolve the idea of death as rebirth, perhaps the next important question to ask "What is the purpose of life between birth and death?"