Tuning to Love @432Hz

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440Hz is the standard pitch accepted globally for music making and performance, however it only became the standard after the second world war. Prior to that, the greatest musicians such as Mozart, Beethovan and many others based their music on 432Hz because the quality of sound and music was far superior. .

440Hz pitch produces rather jarring effects on our energetic body and it causes separation from Spirit if we do not balance ourselves in other ways. Prolonged periods of separation causes dis-ease of the physical, emotional and mental body and our overall wellbeing is compromised.

Music based on 432Hz is far more harmonious and pleasant to the ear than 440Hz. Tuning down the small difference of 8Hz can have profound effect on our consciousness and energy. At 432Hz, our heart expands with love and connects to the oneness of All that is. 432Hz benefits the listener and musician with greater energy, improvement in overall well-being and a deeper connection to All that is.