Dreaming Heaven on Earth for the New Year & Decade

For the new year and decade

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Dear Beloveds, 
Looking back at the last 10 years, it has been an incredible and beautiful dream. Some of you may know my story, while many may not. 
In truth there is no separation, the personal and professional journeys are one. As above so below, as within so without and as are all aspects of our inner being which is reflected in the outer world. 

I have become a mother to a beautiful daughter, Sophia is a constant reminder of the joy and purity of our divine child within. Through our commitment to self-mastery, unconditional love and oneness, we are blessed to have resolved all family karma. My deepest heartfelt gratitude to my biological family and light family for the journeys in love, shining your light for others and for your continuous support.
Throughout my journeys, I have been fortunate to encounter both formal and informal teachers, we are grateful for their light and loving wisdom. Sometimes these teachers are creating the necessary mirrors for our reflection while at other times simply sharing your beingness has been inspirational. The heart-mind communion has brought our masculine and feminine polarities into sacred union, and admittedly we truly enjoy being at peace with them. And it is our divine child that likes to play, so light and free that she moves as formless consciousness dancing across the cosmos and is a formidable adversary in shifting dense energies back to one of love and magic.
In the last decade, I have had three different entrepreneurial careers as we aligned with our Soul’s calling and spiritual beliefs. My first foray as an impact investor, Avantage Ventures focused on Asian based impact-oriented organisations that put people and planet above profits. Thereafter we set up International China Ageing Industry Association to coalesce the senior living industry and the government to enable more holistic, professional services and policies to support Chinese seniors’ golden years. Last year, I stepped into my third venture and went fully into facilitating wellness and spirituality programs and services as an extension of creating content for Cosmic Dance to Infinity since a few years ago.
At the beginning of 2019, I received very clear guidance about halting work in the healthcare and senior living sectors, to deepen my roots in Hong Kong whilst focusing on wellness and spiritual services. I was able to appreciate the profundity of this higher guidance when the protests and conflicts erupted mid-way last year, thereafter much of my heart and energies went towards supporting the local community through along with many others who did the same. The One Heart Meditations for HK paved the way to my fourth baby which is occurring concurrently with my spiritual work where I launched the #beloveHK movement at the end of 2019 co-creating with Spirit, many practitioners and enthusiasts, a festival and pop-up meditations for the benefit of Hong Kong to return to love, harmony, and community.
Underpinning these transformations and ventures are the beliefs that we are to come back to Source Oneness and to embody our Presence through love, and that there is no higher purpose than to serve all beings and the planet in their awakening and ascension. It is in communion with Spirit, accepting that we are a creationist, and listening to our higher guidance that enabled us to step forward into new ventures and adventures at different stages of our life. We are reminded to seek everything from within, to reach into the Void and remember that we are also Source moving through All that is. We are expressing Source through our human limitation, and expressing our infinite nature into a tiny aspect of who we truly are. Many lightworkers are already committed to their self-mastery and integrating their multi-dimensionality, but we are also dreamers and creationists. We can dream as Presence, and create the reality that brings joy to our Soul while serving the greater purpose of the collective.

We can dream as Presence, and create the reality that brings joy to our Soul while serving the greater purpose of the collective. 

To move forward as a collective, we can look back to appreciate the coming energies and thereafter consciously flow with the changes.
Last year was all about working through long-held societal oppression by the global patriarchal system and the repressed emotions of mass consciousness. Many youths and citizens protested about socio-economic inequalities created by theestablishment, and the over-zealous behavior and inaction of our politicians over environmental protection. In many cases, these conflicts have embroiled into violence as in the case of Hong Kong, UK, France, Chile, Mexico, and other places. The unrest that the masses are projecting onto the establishment is really a reflection of the conflict within. Even though it may not be articulated in such a way, deep down everyone is seeking to live healthier lives, to become better persons, to raise their consciousness, and to connect with their divine nature. There is no escaping it, for last year’s energies from the universe and Gaia’s complete ascension to fifth dimension was powerful, it shines a light on all that was shadow and is divinely orchestrated to raise the collective consciousness from its deep slumber.
If one was consciously doing the inner work, any judgments or emotions that may have been triggered by these conflicts can be met with love and balanced with our eternal flame. We have witnessed the wide-scale interference of how media and social media have influenced and polarized society. It calls upon all us to stop giving our light and power to other people’s projections on social media or to the biased stories created by media so we can finally reclaim the truth of our hearts. For all the violence that is playing out across the world, it asks us to look at how we may have been violent with our thoughts, words, and actions. For the longest time, humanity has become so accustomed to violence and suppression that at times revolution and destruction are needed to wake up the collective so that we can start afresh with love and build better more equitable systems for all! Citizens and countries would be so much better off in the long term if we placed well-being impacts above pure economic growth. We can no longer depend on our leaders to put our interests firsts, for in truth everyone is a leader and must take meaningful action to contribute to the collective future and greater good.
The wild-fires erupting across the world is a clarion call from Gaia, as she and the elementals flex their muscles in these enormous displays of fiery anger and destruction, to put a stop to the establishment and wake up those who have previously been complacent. Last year there were major fires in Indonesia, Columbia, the Amazon, France, Spain, Siberia and as we write Australia is still being engulfed in flames. Where there are death and destruction, regeneration and life also follow. That is how nature works, the land can replenish itself and bio-diversity will return again except this time around, our collective actions must be in harmony with the Earth and all sentient beings! Furthermore, we can no longer isolate any one issue relating to our planet, and must look for solutions and the cause of such issues holistically. The recent widespread global awareness on environmental sustainability is effective and encouraging for that is the higher purpose of the climate change phenomena. Still, climate change through human actions must be studied with geomorphology, meteorology, and astronomical effects on our planet for it will give a fuller picture.
The environment and the animals are deserving of so much love, as are all of us. But before the great balance can be reached with Mother Gaia, we have to make amends for our actions in mining, deforestation, destruction of entire biodiversity, unsustainable agriculture practices, geo-engineering, chemicalutilisation, genetic modified engineering, environmental pollution, environmental waste, radiation and more. Just as we are being asked to step into our sovereignty, the same goes for Gaia and the elementals in stepping up with their sovereign power. They are here to send a very clear message that they will use all the forces of nature to wake up humanity. Sustainability is only as good as our consumption habits, while equal value must also be given to the Earth, plants, animals, and humans all as sentient beings! There is consciousness in everything including all animals, plants, rocks, mountains and much more. Our lives would be far richer and there would be greater harmony if we are able to learn the indigenous and ancestral ways of communing with plants, read the lands and connect with the celestial heavens that are our galactic ancestors for guidance.

Thus the energies of 2019 will continue to cast its influence on 2020. This coming year continues to expand and deepen on the themes of divine truth, liberty and sovereignty for the collective. We are always being asked to do the inner work, before insisting on changing the world. We need to be able to see the truth of ourselves, have discipline and take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Thereafter, any action towards our institutions will be divinely supported and becomes the true manifestation of all our inner work for the collective. The world is waking up to our institutions’ true agenda, for that is part of regaining clarity and reclaiming our truth. This is alonger journey our collective will take, for every facet of our life has been affected, from politics, military, finance, business, technology, media, healthcare, education, community, to family settings - its history, the current norms, and systems are so very distorted and in need of balancing. When we let go of the illusions that we are insignificant and powerless, we can claim back our sovereignty and make conscious effort to co-create a collective future that ensures all will thrive. In coming to the truth of these illusions, we are reminded not to give our power away to our emotions and judgments, and by meeting it with acceptance and compassion we can experience true freedom from the heart with the utmost divine grace.
We are already into the eclipse portals since the solar eclipse since Christmas with significant planetary alignments coming into our forefront very soon. The full moon lunar eclipse on the 10thof January and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction with other planets line-up in Capricorn on the 12thof January will create especially potent energies to support the restructuring of our world and our lives. We can either surf these profound waves of change or resist the oncoming tidal wave, if we do the inner work and integrate all unresolved parts utilizing these energies we will be rewarded with so much more and grow significantly. As we meet all the parts of our being that are previously unconscious, we expand our multi-dimensionality and our consciousness. This is the true homecoming of our Soul’s journey to our Presence, through loving awareness and oneness to Source All that is. The frequencies and changes in 2020 set the stage for the new golden decade, where all will experience greater growth in consciousness paving the way for humanity, the planet, and the universe to come into balance and oneness.
May the new year and golden decade bless you with greater Love, Presence, and Oneness.

May Heaven On Earth be created now for all sentient beings.
Blessed be our dreams, our creations, and the divine plan.
With all our love,

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