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Workshop 18th Jan: Empower 2020 & Beyond

18thJanuary 2020, 9AM – 1PM, @I AM LIVO

Recordings are also available

Are you needing some loving support and guidance to solidify your new vision?

Many talk about having a clear vision in 2020, but unless the vision is originating from the heart and powered by the heart it will not be easy to achieve in these changing times. The powerful astrological alignments that took place on 12thJanuary 2020, reconnected the Earth via the Uluru portal, to the Cosmos via the Sun that initiates the new Golden Earth. As Earth assimilates to new divine energies, density must be released, and humanity will need to vibrate higher and be more heart based to meet Earth's new 5D and 6D vibrations. Furthermore, we may also be affected by mixed signals from our subconscious aspects that result in conflicting thoughts or fear based emotions, or we may be affected by past experiences that has created fear resulting in not knowing whether we are in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

Facilitated by Yvonne Yjemani Li and over-lighted by Christed beings, “Empower 2020 & the Beyond” will be a channeled workshop with a lot of practical outcomes. Yvonne will lead you on a healing meditation to help your reconcile any old contracts are limiting or no longer serves you. Freeing up your energy from these old ways will support you to move forward with the best energetic start. We will be looking at all aspects of your life, from your personal, professional and spiritual life.

In the second part of the workshop, Yvonne will share about the greatest asset within each and one of us ~ that is the truth and power of our hearts. When we are guided from our heart, all decisions and actions are filled with ease and grace. Your heart, as the doorway to your Soul, wants nothing more than happiness, abundance and fulfillment for you in this life. There will be a loving meditation to guide you to commune with your heart, and from that sacred space to receive guidance from your Soul about this year and beyond. Once your guidance is clear, you will embrace these new intentions that are aligned with your Soul with the full power of love and the inner Sun from your Presence to be able to create energetically the highest potentiality of these new beginnings for this year and the golden decade. Yvonne will be holding space and guiding you to commune with your Soul, and expansion with energetic activations.

In the workshop, participants will experience:

* Source and Christ consciousness energies to come into greater love and oneness;

* the Sun in your hearts to lift all illusions, and realise the greater truths of your heart;

* the qualities of love, grace, and creation to support any balancing and expansion;

* integration of unresolved energies and completion of old soul contracts;

* clarity of your soul purpose for 2020 and beyond;

* sacred sounds transmissions and sacred ki’s to activate new gifts and light body;

* synthesis of all levels of your beings to heighten your multi-dimensionality and support your spiritual growth;

* divine messages from enlightened beings and divine emissiaries;

* nurturance of greater harmony and flow in your daily life; and

* sharing within a sacred circle.

Your inner core radiates as the Sun, shining a powerful light on all illusions and distortions. As you liberate from these limitations with love, you come into the truth and sovereignty as an infinite being.” ~ Yvonne Yjemani Li​

This workshop will be facilitated in English. The abundance exchange is HK$888 per person at the door, HK$800 in advance. It will be held at I AM LIVO on the 18th January. Registration is essential, contact Yvonne at infinity999@zoho.com.

The long-distance audio version will also be available after the workshop, the abundance exchange will be US$135 payable via paypal.

For more information about Yvonne, refer to her bio below. Do also visit www.cosmic-dance.netor refer to FB / IG @cosmicdancetoinfinity for her regular sharings.

With all my love,



In-Person Details

Date: 18th January 2020

Time: 9AM - 1PM

Venue: I AM LIVO, 22/F, Weswick Commercial Building, 147-149 Queen's Road, Wanchai

Exchange: HK$888 door, HK$800 in advance

Register: via infinity999@zoho.com

Long-Distance Audio Details

Please register with infinity999@zoho.com, we will send the audio files after the workshop. Energy Exchange is US$135, via Paypal to liyvonne78@hotmail.com.

Testimonials of Workshop

"I did the healing meditation last night and it was very powerful. I'm really in awe of what you do and would love to work with you one on one at some point in the future!" ~ L.A., Australia

"Just want to say thank you again for such a special experience today" ~ L.S., Armenia


Yvonne Yjemani Li is a multi-dimensional being - a spiritual guide, catalyst, healer and creationist in the modern day world.

For the past 20 years, Yvonne has also pursued her philosophical, spiritual and holistic practices, and now supports others in a variety of modalities enabling integration of the best-of-class practices that advances one’s self-mastery and spiritual growth, as well as enhances one’s well-being. From Yvonne’s heart to her travels to the infinite universe, it has activated a remembrance of her Soul's gifts and planetary mission. Combining the heart of Source, a creation scientist and the enlightened mind, Yvonne is a multi-dimensional combination of love and light that opens doors for others so that they may access greater love, consciousness, harmonic balance and gift of oneness. For the last 4 years Yvonne has been co-creating with the enlightened realms, sharing insights on self-mastery, consciousness and oneness via writings, private sessions, group workshops and channeling universal healing from multi-dimensional realms. She has also collaborated and performed with grammy-award winning musicians and sound healers on sacred sound journeys, as well as consciously channels her unique frequency of divine love, consciousness, and essence into her creative artwork.

In September 2019 Yvonne was guided to initate the consciousness co-creation source portal that is Hong Kong, to support the wider community to move forward despite different views expressed during the recent conflict and violence. As the original spark that initiated the #beloveHK movement, she has been facilitating the co-creation and collaboration of more than 100 souls from the spiritual & wellness community resulting in new consciousness grid development, marathon meditations and the Be Love Festival that saw around 1000 people participate in the one day wellness event.

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