Mastery of your 2020 Vision through your Heart

The heart always knows

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There is a lot of talk about having a 2020 vision.

Keeping a clear focus on what you would want for this year comes from the mental body. The word "want" comes from the personality. What we perceive as our biggest want will be influenced by our experience and circumstances from the personality which has limited access to your great infinite nature. This may not necessary be the highest for you soul journey.

Our greatest vision is one that is aligned with the divine plan of all that is and being clear about our soul journey within this divine plan. We can have this clarity when we come into the heart, for the heart always knows at the most profound level for your soul's potential and naturally it is in alignment with the divine plan.

The heart has profound intelligence for it connects to your super consciousness and the unified field. It knows of your past (all of your soul's incarnation and that of your monad), your future (across all infinite timelines the possibilities) and how you can be the best in the now. Within the heart lies the inner heart temple, where the eternal flame containing the three fold flames of love, light and power connects you to your divine presence as well as within Source All that is.

We only have to clear the illusions and screens that block our connection to our heart. Then the highest guidance will flow through your heart and into your being when these barriers are cleared. It will be apparent when you are living from the heart and going along with the highest vision for your soul, you will experience greater levels of creativity, inspiration, downloads, expansion, and higher levels of joy, love and abundance.

May you be blessed with the inner knowing of your heart to guide your journey.