Fengshui As the Art of Moving Energy

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Fengshui refers to the art and science of manipulating the energy of a place so that more beneficial energy may flow and bless one's life. The age old Chinese wisdom understands that although we may not see it, energy exists all around us and that the energy constantly changes. The energy of a place may be affected by its original configuration, the location, nearby ley-lines or radiation, earth's rotation, the movement of stars, the position of the sun and the moon, as well as many other elements.

In Fengshui practice, the practitioner will read the energy of the place and will calculate in addition with the resident's numerology using methods such as natal astrology, ba-zi or zhi-wei-dao-su, the best configuration of reducing harmful energy and enhancing beneficial energy. Crystals, oraments, plants, pictures and other symbolic objects may be placed around the place to either absolve harmful energies of sickness, loss of wealth, trouble, disaster or amplify health, relationships, wealth and luck. Overall, fengshui aims to move energy around so that you may be in divine flow for personal and business success.

For some who are agnostic to fengshui, one's instinct to place furniture or ornaments in certain locations means you are intuitively picking up on the energy of the place. There is no need to rush out to seek a fengshui practitioner, simply follow your natural instinct in placing furniture and objects that best appeals to you to be in the divine flow.