The Gift of Intuition

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Between the veils of consciousness, your intuition is a gift that is easy to access and cultivate.

Intuition is the ability to know or feel something as the truth instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Some people refer to intuition as an innate knowing, a hunch, a gut feeling, a deep knowing or a feeling of absolute truth. Many people are often using their intuition without being fully aware of it. The entrepreneur that makes a major strategic decision based on a deep knowing despite reasoning pointing to another way. The driver who averts the original route home because something tells him to take another route and inadvertantly missing delayed accident. The feeling you might get when you meet someont that something is off though you can't really place why.

Intuition is associated with the divine feminine, the feminine side of your consciousness. Divine masculine being the more aggressive, direct and logical side and divine feminine being the more intuitive, empathetic and creative side exists within all persons. Intuition is the connection to your Soul and higher consciousness. This is where you connect to your source of infinite wisdom, access the the highest truth for you and receive support from the vast consciousness beyond the veil.

Awareness of how intuition may work for you and support you in your life has many benefits, it can support you in your daily decisions on relationships and career. It will also help you to see and appreciate the significance of why circumstances occur for you and around you. Experiment with your intuition and develop your own system for gauging the truth of any situation. Allow any response to just come to you naturally without judgement in the beginning. As you continue to open up your divine feminine and balance the masculine / feminine energies within you, your intuition will become sharper whilst opening up an array of other innate gifts.