Free Gift from 11.11 Portal: Divine Creation Meditation on 11 Nov 2021

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Free Gift from the One Heart

Divine Creation Meditation 

11 November 2021

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Blessings Dear Hearts,

      We are delighted to share a meditation that was co-created with the Family of Light and with our dear friend El'mara Sheehan during the auspicious 11.11 portal, as a gift from our heart. 

The 90 minutes meditation includes a gentle recalibration of your physical body, and a beautiful attunement to the loving vibrations of peace and oneness in preparation for the next creation phase. In the second half of the meditation there were beautiful codes and ki's of divine creation, and a sacred journey of heart creation and co-creating the highest potential for a magical manifestation with Spirit.   

If you are reading this after the initial period, email for the recording. Feel free to share this gift of love with your friends and loved ones. 

We would also love to hear from you if you would like to share any feedback. 

With Loving Grace,