Free Recording: Unified Field of Love & Healing

Come together in the One Heart to offer healing of the coronavirus imprints through love

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We give thank to Svara and Amakelia for the co-creation. Aside from new healing codes for the virus, we also received great gifts from the Divine Mother. The recording can be accessed from here.

With love,


One Heart Meditation

Unified Field of Love & Healing

29th February 2020

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We sound out this clarion call to the global community of One Heart, to come together as one, to effect the healing of the energetic imprints of Coronavirus which has now spread across the globe. There are indeed many reasons that support the spread of the virus, these reasons are all part of the divine plan to awaken humanity. For the global reset of such magnitude has not only awakened many beloveds, it has also slowed global travel that has been a significant contributor to environmental degradation. The virus however is also able to spread, to take hold in someone’s physical vessel when they hold a lot of fears. It connects, and it creates energetic hooks into a person in the areas of their etheric body that resonates to the frequency of the virus. To clear, and to prevent this virus, is to stay in a space of loving vibrations, and a state of positivity and health supported by all other actions that allows your immunity to stay strong.

We will be connecting with the Councils of Light and we will be communing in the One Heart to offer transmutation of any fears to love from the collective psyche. And we are calling to souls around the world to take part, to hold space as a pillar of light, for this global network of creator beings to activate forward the timeline of the slow down of the spread of the virus, and healing of those who are affected.

We look forward to communing with you in the one heart. We love you.

Councils of Light

This meditation was overlighted by the Councils of Light, and facilitated by Yvonne Yjemani Li, Noémie Svara Chappex and Amakelia in co-creation. There was profound love, wisdom, healing and activations shared by the Guides. Blessings to you for joining in service.

All our love,
Yvonne, Noémie & Amakelia