Free Recordings: A New Vision of Earth & Humanity

A million meditators co-creating and envisioning a new future

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One Heart Meditation

A New Vision of Earth & Humanity

A million meditators co-creating and envisioning a new future

11th May 2020 - 17th May 2020 (7 Days)

At 11am or 11pm Hong Kong time, refer to time converter for your timezone

Live via Zoom or Recording, all recordings can be accessed here

Summary of all visions of the daily themes can be viewed here

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Dear Ones,

We are calling upon the global community of spiritual initiates, healers, and creationists to come together for a week for a series of daily meditations. Together, we will come into the one heart and one mind, to create a singular vision of a planet that is balanced with health, love, and abundance. Each day there will be a theme, we will be meditating together and visualizing on the daily theme for the power of common intention is extremely powerful.

The 444 global meditation on the 4th/5thApril was a great success. Millions across the world meditated and indeed it raised the vibration of the Earth and it raised the collective consciousness of humanity but as different meditators meditate on their own, there were many possibilities that come out of that meditation.

We are in this case coming together and forming a global network to create that shared vision every day to dream, to co-create and manifest as the creator beings that you are with the company of heaven so that we may effect certain possibilities more definitively and more productively.

The themes we will be working on include Health & Wellbeing, Prosperity & Abundance, Education & Creativity, Sovereignty, Liberty & Responsibility, Conscious Evolution & Community, Conscious Technology Development, and Environmental Protection & Harmony in their respective order starting from the 11th of May and ending on 17th of May.

We are inviting you to dream a new future together for the New Earth. For those of you who stand at the crossroads unsure of what the future holds, we will be at the beginning of every meditation be offering healing so that you may truly come into the One Heart. Once you have let go of all your inhibitions to come into oneness, and from this sacred space co-create with others around the world in absolute resonance and sovereign right as divine creator beings.

We look forward to co-creating with you. Blessed be.

With Love,

Elohim and the Council of One Heart

Facilitated by Yvonne Yjemani Li


Dates: 11th May 2020 – 17th May 2020 (daily for 7 days)

  • 11th May – Health & Wellbeing
  • 12th May – Prosperity & Abundance
  • 13th May – Education & Creativity
  • 14th May – Soveriegnty, Liberty & Responsibility
  • 15th May – Conscious Evolution & Community
  • 16th May – Conscious Technology Development
  • 17th May – Environmental Protection & Harmony

Time: at different times to allow all around the world to join live if they wish to at some point, we will be starting promptly

  • 11am Hong Kong time (11th, 13th, 15th, 17thMay) for 1 hour, or Sydney 1pm , Auckland 3pm , Los Angeles 10pm -1, New York 11pm -1; or
  • 11pm Hong Kong time (12th, 14th, 16th May) for 1 hour, or London 4pm, Los Angeles 8am -1, New York 11am -1


  • Live via Zoom meeting every day at the said time, join Zoom Meeting via link

    Meeting ID: 859 9625 6392, Password: 068267
    Or Find your local number:;

  • Via Recording, posted daily on this page, on @cosmicdancetoinfinity FB page and @cosmicdancetoinfinity Youtube; or
  • Contemplate or Meditate in your own time on these themes, asking to connect hearts with all those who meditate and with all the divine presences of humanity
  • Organise your own group and facilitate in your preferred language in your own time on these themes, asking to connect hearts with all those who meditate and with all the divine presences of humanity

Register: register via eventbrite link or indicate GOING on FB so we can keep a track of the numbers

Fees: from my heart to yours, donations also welcomed via PayPal at


Yvonne Yjemani Li is a multi-dimensional being - a spiritual guide, catalyst, healer and creationist in the modern-day world. A multi-dimensional combination of love and light that opens doors for others so that they may access greater love, consciousness, the gift of flow, and harmonic balance. Yvonne has been co-creating with the enlightened realms, sharing insights on self-mastery, consciousness, and oneness via writings, private sessions, group workshops and channeling universal healing from multi-dimensional realms. Yvonne has also collaborated and performed with grammy-award winning musicians and sound healers on sacred sound journeys, as well as consciously channels Source energy and her unique frequency of divine love, consciousness, and essence into her creations. Refer to Yvonne’s work at​