Cultivating the Buddhic Mind

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Cultivating the buddhic mind leads to enlightenment. Here are some of the methods and ways that may assist that process.

Empty the mind, shed all the thoughts and beliefs. Affirm "My consciousness is clear, so I can live in the now receiving the divine frequencies from the mind of God".

Be mindful of what we consume in terms of information and entertainment. Affirm "I am the divine wisdom and purity of the buddhic mind".

Connect third eye chakra and heart chakra with our Buddhic guides, eg Buddha, Confuscious, Lanto etc.

Connect to the Universal Mind in our meditation, and ask for the mind to remain in an elevated state all day. Affirm "I am the eternal mind of Source".

For every thought that is limiting and not of love, acknowledge, take responsibility and make amends for these parts of your consciousness so they can be integrated into the heart.

To clear from our mind at the end of the day of all that we have observed and projected that are not of divine truth, you can use the cosmic white fire, violet flame or to infuse our mind with the golden flame.

We give thanks to Buddha's light and wisdom, and for the blessings of the Wesak portal.